Ted Cruz Shows How To Win an Argument on Socialism


The Democrats are galloping hard to the extreme left, willingly accepting such outlandish ideas as open borders, cancelled college debt and tax-funded health care for illegal aliens.

But that’s not all. The left wants to eliminate private insurance, the Second Amendment and plastic straws.

The left’s idea of America is not the vision of our founding fathers. Heck, it’s not even the vision of our grandfathers.

But the popularity of socialism continues to grow. It will be up to this generation to defeat the monstrosity, so it is imperative that young Americans be equipped to fight that battle.

In his address at Young America’s Foundation’s 41st annual National Conservative Student Conference, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz took the students to school and taught them a valuable lesson.

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“You want to talk about an argument to use with your peers and your classmates,” Cruz said, “when you see each of these Democrats saying the government should be in charge of everything — of the economy, of healthcare, of education — what they’re saying is some nameless, faceless bureaucrat in a windowless office in Washington, D.C. should control your life.”

According to Cruz, the conservative, free-enterprise argument to counter that idea is “a message that is much more powerful.”

“The person in charge of your life is you,” said Cruz. “And freedom across the board — it should be your choice. Education should be your choice — What kind of education you want. Your career should be your choice — what you do with your life. Your speech should be your choice — what you say. Your faith should be your choice — who you worship. Your liberty should be your choice, not some d— bureaucrat in Washington.”

Capitalism and free enterprise are better than socialism in almost every spiritual, moral and pragmatic way.

But until conservatives can consistently articulate winning arguments to our family, our neighbors, and our friends, the risk of losing to New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s vision of America will remain terrifyingly high.

And I don’t mean simply make a good point on Twitter.

(Though tweeting is fun. And I do it all the time. And you should follow me right now. By clicking here.)

No, I mean we conservatives must be able make a compelling, winsome argument meant to persuade, not simply inflame.

Do you think that Cruz's argument is persuasive?

There is a time to rah-rah-rah for the people who already believe what we believe, but if all we do is preach to the choir, then no change is going to come.

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The battle for our culture will be won by thoughtful intelligence.

Socialism does indeed suck. But if that is the only counterargument we have, then the chances of convincing an inquiring mind of the merits of free enterprise are slim to none.

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