Teen Jumps on Ice-Covered Trampoline. Result Is Mind-Blowing


Young teens are known to get into all sorts of mischief. It’s that stage in life when they’re trying out new things, showing off, and just having fun.

The same could be said about 14-year-old Dylan McNew from Ozark, Missouri. His mother, Michelle Blackmann McNew, said her son is a “little daredevil.”

And, with the recent ice storm in the area last weekend, the eighth-grader proved just how adventurous he really is.

On Saturday, Dylan and his seventh-grade buddy, Brody Berryman, discovered a frozen trampoline coated in a small amount of ice.

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Playing around, he made a jump but said the ice didn’t break like he expected.

The very next day, Dylan decided to try the daring trick yet again.

Only this time, the ice was a lot thicker than before. Brody decided to record the moments Dylan jumped onto the ice-covered trampoline and the result was mind-blowing!

In slow motion, it showed Dylan landing on his back and shattering the ice. As the broken pieces flew up in the air, they all perfectly landed in the center around the smiling kid.

“After I jumped, I felt the ice break and cover me,” he said. “It was pretty cool.”

The jump looked like a mixture of fun and danger. That very same 57-second clip has now taken the internet by storm.

CNN even shared the captivating video on its website. “I think it’s crazy how much it has blown up,” Dylan said.

Surprisingly, Michelle was impressed by her son’s risky behavior, though he never asked her for permission.

“I just said ‘Wow, that was pretty awesome,'” she recalled after watching the video.

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As a mom, she said she “just prays a lot” for Dylan, hoping he would be safe. Fortunately, this brave jump didn’t cause any injuries but made some cool footage!

Now that Dylan’s video has quickly skyrocketed online, he’s hoping the trampoline will freeze over again so Brody can get his turn.

You know, as they say, a third time’s a charm, and we may just get to see these two buddies go at it once more!

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