Texas Gov Abbott Dumps Another Surprise on Kamala Harris' Front Lawn as Title 42 Expires


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott just dumped another busload of illegals at Vice President Kamala Harris’ house on Thursday morning.

More than 30 immigrants were on the bus, many of them from Venezuela.

Gary Grumbach of NBC News posted footage of, reportedly, illegals getting off the bus in front of Harris’ home, which is in Washington, D.C.

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The bus was loaded with men, women and children who, upon delivery, were met by SAMU First Response and Mutual Aid volunteers.

The immigrants were then loaded onto another charter bus before being transported to a “place of refuge,” according to NBC News.

Washington hasn’t received a bus from Texas in months.

No doubt, the gift was a reminder to the vice president that whatever happens to the border towns when Title 42 expires, D.C. will feel, too.

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It isn’t Abbott’s first bus-packing rodeo, either.

According to a Wednesday tweet from the governor, Texas has bused more than 17,000 migrants to “sanctuary cities.”

Cities such as D.C., New York, Chicago and Philadelphia.

“The reason we are busing these migrants across the country, is because small little towns on the border, like Del Rio and Eagle Pass, they have no capacity to deal with the number of people coming across the border.

“And we have to relieve the congestion in those small communities and bus them to larger communities — by the way, communities that are sanctuary cities,” Abbott said in a Fox News interview featured in his tweet.

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The sad truth is, no matter how many buses Texas sends to D.C., it will be nothing compared to the strain Brownsville, El Paso and other Texas border towns are already experiencing.

But even Harris may have a hard time cackling at the crisis that will unfold when Title 42 expires, which will be at 11:59 p.m. ET on Thursday.

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