Three Masked Robbers Have the Advantage Until Homeowner Outguns Them, Police Say


With the violence many Americans witnessed in their communities last year, it’s important to remember the importance of your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

But you’re arguably more likely to face violent criminals inside your home than you are near public demonstrations. The protests, riots and other forms of political violence that occurred in 2020 were historic, but they have begun to subside.

The threat of being victimized by a home invasion will always remain.

A story we first told you about in the fall of 2019 highlights how important it is to not only be armed, but to be ready to use your weapons to protect your life.

It’s also nice to have the legal backing to outgun anyone potentially out to take your life or property.

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A homeowner in Conyers, Georgia, and his neighbors learned in September 2019 the importance of being ready to protect home and family.

In the community’s Pine Forest neighborhood, in the middle of the night, three masked people approached the home of the man, and one of the intruders fired shots from a pistol at the home’s residents, according to police.

The intruders turned out to be teens — two 15-year-olds and one 16-year-old, WSB-TV in Atlanta reported. They approached the residence at about 4 a.m. and were armed with a handgun and the element of surprise, authorities said.

But the man who owned the home possessed a much larger weapon than a pistol, and he didn’t hesitate to use it.

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When someone is waving a gun in your face and has fired it, age no longer is a factor when it’s time to defend your life.

The teens had control of the situation — until they didn’t. The homeowner, who wasn’t identified, shot all three intruders, according to police, and survived what could have been a deadly encounter for him and those who lived under his roof.

A neighbor of the homeowner described what happened to the Rockdale Citizen. The neighbor, Brian Jenkins, said he at first heard “light shooting” from the homeowner’s house. That was followed by what he called “loud shooting.”

Another neighbor expounded on why the second round of shots heard were so loud.

A man at the scene named Carlos Watson told WSB that shots from a pistol were followed by “a slew of shots” from what he called an “assault rifle.”

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“Assault rifle” isn’t a factually correct term for the kind of rifle you’d find in the home of a private citizen. Watson likely was referring to a sporting rifle, such as an AR-15 or similar weapon.

Nonetheless, the superior firepower of the weapon potentially saved innocent lives. An apparently peaceful homeowner had fallen victim to a home invasion robbery and was forced to fight back or face death.

He chose to open fire.

The teen invaders each reportedly were shot by a caliber of weapon larger than what they’d brought to the home police said they approached with motives to take what wasn’t theirs.

Jenkins said after the louder shots that he’d heard someone outside yelling for help.

“Help me, help me, I’m dying. I’m dying. Help me. Help,” one of the would-be robbers cried out, according to the neighbor.

One of the teens died on the front lawn of the home. The other two died later at a hospital, WSB reported.

It was a tragic end for the three youngsters, but one they apparently brought on themselves. The homeowner who fired back had the legal right to own his weapon of defense, and he also had the backing of Georgia’s “stand your ground” law.

He seemingly had been prudent in preparing for such an event by purchasing a weapon that left his assailants outmatched. But he and his family survived the ordeal.

Jenkins said his heavily armed neighbor and his family were good people.

“He is a truck driver and his mother lives down there by herself,” Jenkins told the Citizen. “[The homeowners] are beautiful people. They mind their own business, but they’ll do anything for anyone in the community. That’s just the way they are.”

Those who Jenkins said would do anything to be neighborly were apparently also willing to do anything to protect their lives.

Their legal right to own such a weapon in all likelihood could have stopped a potential massacre from going the other way. With the current anti-gun rhetoric being spewed by Democrats, it’s important to remember that.

Next year’s midterm elections could ultimately decide whether future victims of violent home invasions are legally allowed to protect themselves.

The victims in this story arguably survived because they had a legal and tactical advantage with a superior weapon.

If Democrats get their way, new gun-control laws soon might leave similarly innocent people disarmed and vulnerable to the whims of those who don’t obey laws, or don’t respect the sanctity of a family home.

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