Tom Petty's Family Finally Reveals What Actually Killed Him


Who could forget the famous iconic music of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers? Songs like “Free Fallin'” and “I Won’t Back Down” bring many of us back to our youth.

So when lead singer Tom Petty died at the age of 66, the news shocked band followers across the nation. Now after much speculation, the truth of Petty’s death was made public.

After Petty returned from his 40th anniversary tour with his band, he was found unconscious in his home. He was rushed to the hospital where he was put on life support.

Soon after, the decision was made to take him off life support. He died shortly thereafter.

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Petty was a Rock and Roll legend and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His love was touring with his band.

But he also suffered from several painful injuries that became increasingly more and more difficult to deal with.

Petty had a history of drug use, including an ongoing problem with heroin. He tried several times to quit, but he just couldn’t shake the addiction.

“Tried to go cold turkey, and that wouldn’t work,” said Petty before his death. He continued to talk about his constant struggle to stop. In the end, heroin wouldn’t be the thing to end his life.

His family recently released the coroner’s report and talked openly about Petty’s death. The cause of death was listed as organ failure due to mixed drug toxicity: an accidental overdose.

Petty suffered from severe pain due to a knee issue and a fractured hip. He had been prescribed pain killers, as well as antidepressants and sleep aides, by his doctor.

“Many people who overdose begin with a legitimate injury or simply do not understand the potency and deadly nature of these medications,” said the family’s statement concerning the coroner’s report.

They added that coronary artery disease had always been another issue for Petty.

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In trying to ease the pain of his physical ailments, these prescription drugs became lethal for Petty. The family learned that the fracture in his hip had recently become a full break.

The family found a silver lining knowing that Petty went peacefully and was in no pain.

They also found solace knowing, that days before his death, Petty was doing what he loved, playing his music in front of thousands of loyal fans.

“We continue to mourn with you and marvel at Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ incredible positive impact on music and the world. And we thank you all for your love and support over the last months,” said another statement. His death leaves fans grieving, but remembering the amazing music he shared throughout his career.

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