After Tragic Death of Dogs, Owners Return Unopened Food. Company's Response Leaves Them in Tears


The death of a beloved pet comes with plenty of grief. Imagine the magnitude of grief for the pet owners who lost their two dogs in the same weekend.

It’s a reasonable assumption that family and friends supported the owners during that difficult season of loss.

Laura Waltenburg was one of the family members there for her sister and brother-in-law, but so was an unexpected supporter.

Waltenburg was so touched by the shocking display of kindness toward her sister and brother-in-law that she made a public Facebook post about it.

She wanted the act of kindness by an “incredible company” to go viral.

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That’s right; a large company was responsible for the unexpected gesture of support for the grieving dog parents whose dogs passed away tragically.

Just after the dogs passed away, 80 pounds of dog food showed up at their front door.

Not only was it a painful reminder that the dog owners had no need for the food anymore, but now they had to deal with the returning the bags of food.

Often times the return process with many companies can be tedious and time-consuming.

However, is the company from which the dog food was ordered, and they provided more than great customer service to ensure the return was handled smoothly. gave the couple a full refund, a symbol of their sympathy, a meaningful way of memorializing their dogs, and even chance for the couple to pass on the kindness to their local dog shelter. All this when the only thing they sought was a refund for the food excluding shipping charges.

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The company’s response left the dog owners in tears. First, their credit card was fully refunded without hassle. Then they received flowers from

The company also requested a photo of one of the dogs to put in a memorial book and then asked the couple to donate the dog food rather than send it back. “I wish I could tell everybody this story,” Waltenburg wrote.

Many people have seen this heartwarming story and have even shared similar experiences of being on the receiving end of’s kindness. In a particularly touching example, Lori Verespie Faustine shared that she has been a loyal customer with the company for over five years.

“Received a package a couple months ago that included a hand painted canvas of one of our dogs with a personalized card,” she explained. not only went the extra mile when contacted about returning the dog food, but even initiated an act of kindness “just because” in Faustine’s example.

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Carolyn Fultz is a former contributor for Liftable Media. She holds a B.A. in Communication from Hope College.
Carolyn Fultz is a former contributor for Liftable Media. She holds a B.A. in Communication from Hope College. Carolyn's writing has been featured in both online and print media, including Just Between Us magazine. She resides in Phoenix with her husband and children.
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