Trump Lures Media with Omarosa Dog Comment. Trap They Never Noticed Snaps Shut.


Liberals, both inside and outside the media, have been accusing President Donald Trump of racism since before he took office. In January 2018, The New York Times published what they called “The Definitive List” of Donald Trump’s racism.

That list included such examples as Trump calling Barack Obama’s birth certificate a fraud, as well as Trump’s alleged obsession with dark-skinned immigrants.

The article also said that Trump “frequently offers false crime statistics to exaggerate urban crime,” among other accusations.

What you will never hear liberals admit, however, is that their progressive movement is fueled by race baiting at every opportunity and twisting the common sense out of every statement possible from the president and anyone who supports him.

At the center of this latest round of racism accusations is the president’s tweet about Omarosa. His reaction to her tell-all book promotion has led the headlines for days, and his latest tweet on the issue has the left in an uproar.

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Representative Frederica Wilson, a Democrat from Florida, weighed in with the usual race baiting rhetoric on CNN.

But if she expected CNN to help her gin up the liberal base with more accusations of racism against Trump, she got an unexpected surprise.

“A dog. How dare he? He has taken this country to its knees. We already have racism raining down all over America.”

“I said a year ago that Mr. Trump is a white supremacist, he has surrounded himself with white supremacists, and everything that comes out of that White House is racist,” Wilson said. “So what he says is racist. The people around him, what they think, what they say, how they act, is all racist, and we’ve got to stop this.”

Do you think the liberal media is becoming cautious about attacking Trump on racism?

Interestingly enough, CNN host John Berman stops short of joining the race baiting bandwagon and hesitates to call Trump a racist.

Berman pointedly directs the senator to the facts: “Does it matter, and I’m hesitant to dissect this on a word by word basis, but does it matter in your mind that he’s also called white people and men dogs in the past? … There’s a list of people he’s called dogs. … Just to state the case he has said about men and white men as well.”

Do you think that these tweets could have been the proof that stopped him from joining Wilson in her racist rancor?

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Progressives, Frederica Wilson, the liberal media and Omarosa can cry “racism” all they want, but they walked into this rhetorical trap blinded by their own hateful hypocrisy.

The mainstream media has no other choice but to fill its air and column space with this story, however, trying to make a racism case against the president just doesn’t fly. They are stuck.

What a conundrum!

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