Trump Receives Surprise Endorsement That Leaves Race-Baiters Speechless


Race-baiting leftists hoping to paint the president as a white supremacist were no doubt shocked with news Monday that completely busted their narrative.

Over the weekend, the National Latino Peace Officers Association Advocacy publicly endorsed President Donald Trump.

The law enforcement group sent a letter on Saturday endorsing the president and his law and order approach to fighting off rioters and looters that have caused destruction and mayhem in cities across the country.

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The group’s chairman, Alan Alvarez, and secretary, Darrin Fulton, addressed the letter to President Trump, explaining why exactly he had earned their endorsement.

“The National board of the National Latino Peace Officers Association Advocacy (NLPOAA), on behalf of its member charters, has chosen to endorse your candidacy for reelection for President of the United States,” the letter read.

“The NLPOA-Advocacy supports you because of your fierce and unwavering support for the law enforcement community. In these difficult times for our profession and the repeated calls to defund us, you have continued to have our backs and voice your approval of the men and women of law enforcement.”

“The NLPOAA looks forward to working with you in the future on issues regarding law enforcement, immigration, and issues concerning the Latino community.”

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Trump’s 2020 campaign announced news of the endorsement on Monday.

“Whether it’s left-wing rioters wreaking havoc on communities across America or the Democrats’ mission to open our borders to even the most violent criminals, Joe Biden is too weak to stand up to the radicals of his own party and protect the American people,” the Trump campaign said in a statement.

“In stark contrast, President Trump prioritizes safety and stability for all Americans and will always back our brave law enforcement officers.”

This marks yet another law enforcement endorsement for Trump less than a week after he pressed Joe Biden for not having one during the first presidential debate.

It is also an endorsement from a minority group, which is noteworthy in light of the numerous media attacks levied at Trump following the debate calling him racist and claiming that he refused to condemn white supremacy.

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When asked if he was prepared to denounce white supremacy by debate moderator Chris Wallace, President Trump confirmed he was, responding in the same words Wallace used to ask the question. “Sure, I’m prepared to do that,” the president said.

Wallace also asked Trump to tell certain groups to “stand down” and not add to the violence of the ongoing riots.

Trump asked him to name a specific group, to which Joe Biden replied, “Proud Boys.”

The president complied, saying, “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by.”

Trump has denounced white supremacy on multiple occasions in the past as well.

If Trump really was a white supremacist like the establishment media wants the nation to believe, his team wouldn’t be touting such an endorsement from a minority group.

This endorsement from the NLPOAA following the debate makes sense given that polling conducted following the debate found Trump’s support among Latino and black voters had skyrocketed.

Minorities aren’t falling for the media’s lies about Trump and the Republican Party.

If the Democrats continue to lose their grip on these communities, it could be devastating news for them not only in 2020, but also in future elections.

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