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Trump Slams Biden's 'Weak Hand' on Ukraine, Lays Out the Aid He'd Send

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Former President Donald Trump reacted to Russia’s war on Ukraine during an interview on Monday, outlining what he’d do differently if he were still in office.

Trump harshly criticized President Joe Biden for his handling of the world-changing crisis, arguing that it would “never have happened” if not for Biden’s incompetence and weakness in the arena of foreign policy.

The former president was speaking by phone with host Stuart Varney of Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Co.”

Trump argued that his own personality had kept the United States “out of a war,” placing the blame for the catastrophe on Biden.

“The cards are laid, and the cards are out, and he’s got a bad hand. He’s given himself a very bad hand,” Trump said.

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“It would never, ever have started if I were president. I can tell you that with 100 percent certainty.

“He’s now going with a very weak hand… He sits there, and everyone tells him what to do and what they’re doing.”

Trump confirmed that he would send Ukraine the MiG-29 jets Poland has offered to place at the disposal of the United States for use by Ukraine, assistance the Biden administration has balked at facilitiating.

Trump brought up that he was the first president to send Ukraine lethal weapons, in particular bringing up the Javelin anti-tank weapons Ukrainian soldiers have used to great effect against Russia.

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“Those Javelins that have knocked out all the tanks … Those were sent by me. And we sent them in large numbers, too,” Trump said.

Trump also indicated he’d provide Ukraine with American-made drone aircraft, in addition to providing intelligence to the Ukraine military.

Known for an “America First” foreign policy, Trump came down strongly on the side of assisting Ukraine and condemning Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion.

“When he goes in, and he kills thousands of people… Are we just going to sit by and watch?” Trump said.

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“This country will be, in a hundred years from now, they’ll be talking about what a travesty, what a horrible thing this is. Just on a human basis, we can’t let that happen,” Trump said.

“The fact is that what he’s doing is a human tragedy,” Trump said.

“There’s not been anything like this… In a sense, maybe ever, but certainly since World War II, there hasn’t been anything like this.”

Trump didn’t indicate that he’d deploy American forces into combat in the conflict, or arrange U.S. aircraft to set up a no-fly zone in Ukraine.

Both proposals, supported by the most hawkish members of both parties, would likely spur the escalation of conflict between the United States and Russia.

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