Trump Unleashes on Biden Ahead of DNC Convention: 'Trojan Horse for Socialism'


Democratic National Conventions and Greek culture must go hand-in-hand.

In 2008, the party crowned then-Sen. Barack Obama as its nominee in Denver, Colorado, on a stage manufactured to resemble an ancient Greek temple.

On Monday, President Donald Trump took a swipe at Democrats before they began their virtual convention, saying that the party is using presidential nominee Joe Biden as a “Trojan horse.”

Speaking in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, the president hit Democrats hard, and likened Biden to an empty vessel which the party’s more radical wing would use to usher in an era of radical leftist policies.

“Joe Biden is just a Trojan horse for socialism,” Trump said.

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You would have to make the assumption that Trump was invoking, in part, concerns over the state of Biden’s cognitive health, which Trump has made an issue of.

Many voters feel Biden’s mental acuity is questionable, according to a recent poll, and a significant number of Democrats believe Biden would be unable to complete a single term in office.

Trump has signaled that he doesn’t see Biden as mentally fit.

Indeed, it’s difficult to argue that Biden is not a bridge between the party of FDR, JFK and Bill Clinton, and the radical new party that will pick up where Obama left off just three and a half years ago.

“[Biden is] a Trojan horse. He has no clue, but the people around him are tough, and they’re smart,” Trump said of Biden in Wisconsin.

The president added during a separate event Monday in Mankato, Minnesota: “Joe Biden is the puppet of left-wing extremists trying to erase our borders, eliminate our police, indoctrinate our children, vilify our heroes, take away our energy.”

“We’ll save our cities and our suburbs from the future of crime and chaos, corruption and economic collapse that puppet Joe Biden would unleash on America,” the president also said.

“This is a puppet. He won’t do it intentionally. He just says, ‘Well, whatever they want,’ because he has no clue,” Trump added of Biden.

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Trump’s comments — if you believe Biden is in fact losing a step and being taken advantage of by his party — were a call to action in the swing states of Wisconsin and Minnesota, where voters stand to lose more than could be gained, should Trump not win re-election.

A vote for Trump is a vote against the radical Democrats puppeteering Biden and their extreme, corrupt and anti-police ideology.

Do you think Joe Biden has the mental competency to be president?

With a mere 77 days before the election, Democrats are proposing to turn our country and its institutions upside down under the guise of Biden’s leadership.

The 77-year-old would merely be the method of delivery for California Sen. Kamala Harris, Biden’s running mate, to usher in an era of budget deficits that would make those in Greece, circa 2009, appear mild, and deviant behavior which would make the ancient Greeks blush.

In that context, using the term “Trojan horse” to describe Biden is fitting.

The 2020 election, thus far, reads like a poorly written version Homer’s Greek mythological tale “The Iliad.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, our Agamemnon, is a cruel and ostensible party leader with no charm or positive attributes, but she desires for her party to rule autocratically through apparent ballot harvesting and by later pushing the GOP off the stage forever via mass amnesty for illegal aliens.

The national establishment media, her Achilles, is a valiant fighter, and the sword which she and other Democrats are using to infiltrate our homes with misinformation and attacks against Trump.

Biden is the decoy that they intend to use to capture our Troy, the White House, and lay waste to law and order nationwide.

But Trump is the arrow which can neutralize the Democrats, and it is up to swing-state voters to release the bow.

Rather than allow Democrats to to portray Biden as a moderate, old-school Democrat whom they can use to gain entry into citizens’ homes, lives, churches and gun safes, voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and elsewhere must resist the false pretense of his candidacy.

Biden, as ineffectual as his five-decade career has been, poses a minimal threat to individual liberty and American exceptionalism by himself — which is what makes him so dangerous.

Under a Biden presidency, Harris — and not Biden — would be directing policy.

San Francisco, where Harris and Pelosi both reside for at least part of the year, might be Mediterranean in climate, but its streets also could be a preview for what awaits Milwaukee and other cities if Biden defeats the president.

Biden, with his questionable cognitive health, would be the singular obstacle stopping Harris, Pelosi and other radical Democrats from turning the country’s founding principles into Athenian ruins.

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