Tucker Carlson: 'Minneapolis Was Our Wuhan,' Hysteria Has Now Become a 'Pandemic'


The Black Lives Matter protests and antifa riots spreading across the United States have left an indelible mark on our society.

For the past month, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has been speaking out against these leftist mobs with a precision and boldness that cuts through much of the establishment media noise.

On Wednesday night, Carlson delivered one of his most powerful monologues yet as he discussed the hysteria of the moment.

“We spent an awful lot of time this spring talking about viruses and how they spread,” he began.

“One person infects another person, who infects a third, who then has contact with a larger group of people and infects 20 more, each of whom — and you know how it works. It’s exponential.

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“Pretty soon individuals thousands of miles from the source of the outbreak start getting sick.

“What we now know is that craziness spreads very much the same way. A single lunatic can pass a debilitating case of it to millions of others with just one appearance on MSNBC or a long thread on Twitter.

“Hysteria is the most communicable disease known to man, and we’re now living through a pandemic of it.

“On Memorial Day weekend, a man called George Floyd died in police custody in Minnesota. That’s where this outbreak first began. Minneapolis was our Wuhan. The first cases appeared a little over a month ago.”

Carlson then showed video footage of statues of Christopher Columbus being torn down or vandalized in Denver, Miami and St. Paul, Minnesota. The voice-over noted that activists spray-painted “George Floyd,” “BLM” for Black Lives Matter and the communist symbol on the Miami statue.

“What does Christopher Columbus have to do with George Floyd?” Carlson asked. “Christopher Columbus was not a Minneapolis police officer. Christopher Columbus was an Italian navigator who died more than 500 years ago. Columbus probably never even heard of George Floyd. He almost certainly didn’t mistreat him personally.

“So why are people attacking Columbus’ statues? Well, who knows? You’re definitely not allowed to ask. Questions are not permitted during hysteria epidemics. Logic of any kind seems to dramatically increase the severity of the symptoms.”

We cannot ask why BLM would tear down Columbus statues because that would start to get at the heart of who these BLM protesters really are.

As New York Post editor Sohrab Ahmari pointed out in The Spectator, the current leftist revolution involves the neoliberal “laptop” class still angry about losing the 2016 election. This is why Columbus and Catholic saint statues must come down while activists are unconcerned about prominent universities named after slave traders like Elihu Yale.

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As Carlson so often does, he also attacked weak Republicans who cave to the leftist mob.

“Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and James Lankford of Oklahoma are both Republican senators. Today, they introduced legislation to abolish Columbus Day. They want to delete it from the national calendar and replace it with Juneteenth. …

Do you agree with Tucker Carlson?

“They describe themselves as conservatives, improbable as that may seem. On some level, they may suspect that all the yelling about Columbus Day and Juneteenth doesn’t really have much to do with emancipation or civil rights. More likely, it’s just another way to humiliate and demoralize Americans.

“On some level, they know that, but they’re ignoring it. It’s just easier to do what the hysteria patients command. Unless, of course, their voters notice them doing it.”

Carlson also called out GOP Sen. Mike Braun of Indiana for sponsoring a bill designed to punish the police.

“At the very moment,” he said, “the country was undergoing widespread looting, arson and violence — rioting.

“Then Braun endorsed the radical racial separatist BLM movement. At first, Braun’s Republican constituents didn’t seem to realize their senator had done any of this. But when they found out, they were enraged, and they let him know about it loudly.

“Mike Braun is now running away from his own bill. If Mike Braun were up for election this year, he would lose.

“Senators Lankford and Johnson are praying nothing like that will happen to them. They’re hoping to quietly eliminate Columbus Day and then move on to the next item on the rioters’ list of demands. Will they be able to do that?

“Well, it all depends on whether or not you let them know that you noticed they’re trying to cancel Columbus Day. If you don’t say anything about it, there is no telling what Johnson and Lankford might do next.”

Carlson pointed out that The New York Times has published pieces calling for the removal of George Washington statues and the closing of Mount Rushmore.

“Senators Johnson and Lankford have not yet endorsed those ideas. At this rate, it may not be long before they do. So the question is, what other acts of revolution and cultural desecration can we expect from our suddenly woke Republican senator friends?”

And that is the critical question. How much will the radical leftist agitators destroy if we do not stop them and GOP leaders refuse to fight back?

After all, Democrats are actively enabling antifa and BLM. If Republican politicians do not stand up and fight, there is no other major party to do so.

Already, average Americans are rising up in various cities to defend our country’s history and heritage.

A sheriff has said he will deputize legally armed citizens if rioters try to harm his county. Local Italian-American civic associations have tried to defend Columbus statues.

But too often, feckless Republican politicians refuse to speak up and back the average Joe on the street who is engaging in the necessary battle.

Tucker Carlson is now the most-watched host on cable television, with an average total audience of 4 million viewers.

Major corporations pulled their advertising from his show because of his stances, but Carson’s popularity only grew. He refused to back down even after major companies pulled out.

It is because of monologues like this one that Carlson is so popular. He is a man speaking truth to power: corporate power, political power and the power of the mob.

Will Republican politicians listen to him? It remains to be seen.

One thing is likely. His popularity will continue to grow because he is amplifying the feelings and frustrations of Americans across the nation.

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Elise Ehrhard has been a freelance writer for over 20 years and a homeschool mom for seven. Her articles have appeared in countless conservative publications, including The Washington Times, Washington Examiner and American Thinker. She blogs about television and culture for the Media Research Center/Newsbusters.
Elise Ehrhard has been a freelance writer for over 20 years and a homeschool mom for seven. Her articles have appeared in countless conservative publications, including The Washington Times, Washington Examiner and American Thinker. She blogs about television and culture for the Media Research Center/Newsbusters.