Twin Brothers Always in Sync, Have Craziest Coincidence of Lives When It Happens


Justin and Joshua Thorington, like many other twins, have always been extremely close.

Joshua told People, “We were always best friends. My mom said that even before we could talk we were so close that we had our own language. Even from an early age we were close and inseparable. Our whole lives we’ve been very close. We never wanted to be away from each other.”

So when their wives’ due dates were only two weeks apart, no one was surprised. The twin brothers thought it was nice to be able to go through the pregnancy together.

Joshua’s wife, Denise, was due on March 25 while Jack’s wife, Alex Raphael, was due on April 6.

They joked about the possibility of their children being born on the same day even though it seemed unlikely.

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“We knew it was within the realm of possibility, but we never would’ve expected it to actually happen,” Justin said.

So when Joshua announced to his family in a text message that his son, Jack, was born early on March 27, he thought it was weird that his twin brother didn’t respond right away.

That’s when they realized that their babies may have the same birthday. Joshua remembers, “He sent me a text saying that they had gone to the hospital because his wife had gone into labor. He’s like, ‘Wow, this is happening on the same day!’”

Justin and his wife were only a few doors down in the same hospital.

Joshua and Denise were able to check in on them while Alex was in labor. “My wife gave birth first so after she recovered, my wife was giving Alex advice on her experience,” Joshua said. “It’s just nice to have that resource and sharing it together.”

Justin and Alex’s daughter, Lucy, was born later that same evening.

Denise and Alex “think it’s fun” and are amazed that it actually happened. The twin brothers, however, weren’t too surprised. Justin said he felt like it was “destined” to turn out this way.

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“We’ve always been pretty in sync, so to me, it wasn’t surprising. I think our friends aren’t even surprised that it happened,” said Joshua.

Now the twin brothers hope that their children will be as close as they were growing up. Joshua said, “We definitely want [our kids] to go to school together and just be together a lot and be really close. That’s what our hopes are.”

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