Twitter Users Convinced WH Cocaine Is Hunter Biden's and Think They Know How It Was Brought In


Twitter users have come up with an interesting theory for who might be behind a bizarre situation at the White House.

On Sunday, the White House facility had to be evacuated after a suspicious substance was found at the premises. That substance was later confirmed to be cocaine.

The shocking discovery of an illegal and dangerous drug in the home of the president of the United States now has many people asking: Who brought cocaine onto the premises, and how did they do it?

Many Twitter users, however, have already identified who they believe to be the likely culprit — Joe Biden’s troubled son Hunter Biden.

Brigitte Gabriel, founder of ACT for America, posted a picture of Hunter Biden with a red backpack walking alongside his father on Twitter. The caption said, “Who do you think brought cocaine into the White House?”

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Many responded to the tweet by alleging that Hunter Biden was the one responsible for the situation.

Not only are Twitter users claiming that Hunter Biden brought in the cocaine, they also believe they know how he did it: He snuck it into the White House in the red backpack.

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To be clear, this is only a theory people are positing online, and there is no proof yet that Hunter Biden is the one responsible. But, think about what that says about the Biden family when people assume his son is behind it.

Do you think the cocaine found in the White House is Hunter Biden’s?

People do have a basis for their allegations. After all, Hunter Biden is facing investigations for several crimes, including crimes relating to cocaine. Yet despite the allegations, Joe Biden still called his son “the smartest guy I know.”

This speculation is only fueled by the fact that, according to Politico, the culprit is unlikely to be found, which may lead people to assume that Hunter did it and the White House is covering for him.

The fact of the matter is, Hunter Biden and the Biden family do not have a very good reputation among the American people. They are seen as a corrupt and dishonest family that is trying to protect their troubled son.

This is only further proven by people’s responses to this latest situation.

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