An Unlikely Alliance of Americans Will Retake the Country: 'Counterpunch,' New Book by Western Journal Founder


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Floyd Brown, the founder of The Western Journal, argues in his new book, “Counterpunch” that a powerful alliance has formed in recent years between Christians and patriotic, liberty-loving Americans.

Of course, people can most assuredly be both.

Brown explained in a speech at a recent Reawaken America Tour event in Nashville the idea for the book came to him back in April 2021.

It was during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, when many restrictions remained in place throughout much of the United States.

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Clay Clark decided to host a “Health and Freedom” conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and it brought together an eclectic group of people, Brown recounted. Clark later named his gatherings the Reawaken America Tour.

In April 2021, there were 5,000 in attendance, Brown said, with the attendees made up of doctors, nurses, business owners and first responders, all united by the belief that COVID policies had become too draconian and frankly un-American.

However, he recalled, “The most amazing thing happened. Clay held this business conference and the Holy Spirit showed up, and it was off the hook.”

“What we were doing … was we were launching a movement,” Brown asserted.

He shared a few sentences with the audience from the beginning of his book, the full title of which is “Counterpunch: An Unlikely Alliance of Americans Fighting Back for Faith and Freedom.”

“What happened there [in Tulsa] was profound, an amazing unity broke out,” Brown said reading from the book. “Both the love of fellow man and the love of God filled what had been advertised as a business conference.”

“We were touched by God and the Holy Spirit,” he continued. “In the middle of a pandemic there we were, participating in a healing and restoration conference. We cried … we hugged. We held on to each other. We were humans again and all together. It was so amazing!”

There is strength in unity, Brown declared.

“The United States of America is like no other country on earth,” he said. “What is embedded in our DNA? Unity. We are the United [emphasis added] States of America.”

“We have a shared purpose, a shared love of country and a shared DNA, and that’s what Satan came to take from us. That’s what the cabal came to take from us,” Brown added.

The globalists, like those represented at the World Economic Forum, he contended, want to take away America’s calling as a land of freedom.

Do you think this movement will be successful in saving the U.S.?

Much has happened in the nearly two years since the first “Health and Freedom” conference in the public’s understanding about how the government wrongly infringed on Americans’ liberty during COVID with vaccine mandates and lockdowns.

Those who gathered in Tulsa were espousing views that were very much counter to the prevailing narrative, but over time have been proven correct.

“Why? Because we have stuck with the truth, we have held to the truth, we have held together in unity. We have consistently told the truth,” Brown said. “Now, two years later, their mainstream narrative is dead.”

Brown proclaimed that the timing is right to set a new narrative for the U.S., grounded in God’s highest ideals for his children and America’s heritage of liberty.

“And we can set that narrative, and we will set that narrative,” he said.

“And let me tell you what I think that narrative should be. That narrative needs to be a narrative of love, of healing, of restoration and humanity. And it will stand in stark contrast to their narrative, which is one of hate, fear and chaos.”

Brown pointed to the example of Moses, who confronted the most powerful king of his day, Pharaoh in Egypt, and freed the children of Israel. Moses endured in his task by “seeing Him who is unseen,” the Bible says.

Brown encouraged people who want to get America back can start right where they live.

“It’s got to be a local movement,” he said. “Don’t expect somebody to ride in on a white horse and save the country in Washington, D.C. It’s not going to happen. If you want to save the country, save your block.”

Brown’s book “Counterpunch” is set for release on April 4. Learn more and preorder here.

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