US Soldier Captured by North Korea Had Recent Discipline Issues, Reportedly Made Strange Noise While Being Apprehended


An American soldier believed to be in custody in North Korea after he intentionally crossed the Demilitarized Zone on Tuesday was being disciplined by his superiors and laughed during his detainment, according to reports.

The Washington Post reported the man, who has not been identified, crossed the border into North Korea during an “orientation tour.”

Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin reported that the man was wearing civilian clothing and that he crossed the border intentionally.

“While on tour of DMZ the Army Private broke away from the tour group and was then detained by North Korean security,” she reported.

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According to the Post, the unidentified man had recently been disciplined over his behavior while stationed in South Korea. He was ordered to return to the U.S. but missed his flight after he was escorted to an airport.

The Post cited a U.S. military official who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

NBC News reported military officials escorted the man to a security checkpoint at an airport, but they could not cross any further.

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The man later ended up at the DMZ, which is an hour-and-a-half from the airport, presumably by joining a tourist group leaving the airport. Per the report, the young man “bolted” across the border and was pursued.

Those who attempted to prevent the crossing were unable to catch the man.

United Nations Command said in a statement on Twitter that it is believed the man is in the custody of the North Korean government.

“A U.S. National on a JSA orientation tour crossed, without authorization, the Military Demarcation Line into the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK),” the statement read. “We believe he is currently in DPRK custody and are working with our KPA counterparts to resolve this incident.”

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According to NK News, a woman who was on the tour with the soldier described the moment he was apprehended by North Korean forces.

“To our right, we hear a loud HA-HA-HA and one guy from OUR GROUP that has been with us all day- runs in between two of the buildings and over to the other side!!” a Swedish woman named Mikaela Johansson said on social media.

She added, “It took everybody a second to react and grasp what had actually happened, then we were ordered into and through Freedom House and running back to our military bus.”

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told reporters on Tuesday that the investigation into what happened and why is in its preliminary stages.

“But what we do know is that one of our service members, who was on a tour, willfully and without authorization [crossed the border],” he said, according to NBC.

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