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Video: Navy Medic Loses Service Dog During Car Crash, Reunited Months Later


On Jan. 16, as a Navy medic named George Yanas was on his way to where he was being stationed with his service dog in his car, his vehicle started having problems and broke down.

George and his dog, Fenny, were stranded on the side of the road, on a bridge in Whiskey Bay, Louisiana. As they waited, an accident took place and another vehicle rammed into the back of their car.

The wreck also involved a FedEx 18-wheeler and an Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office vehicle, according to Unfiltered with Kiran. When their car was rear-ended, Fenny was sent flying through the passenger side window and fell 65 feet from the bridge to a pile of cables below.

Fenny landed on an 18,000-acre private island, and George was injured during the crash.

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A few weeks after the accident, tips came in as people sighted the 55-pound pitbull in Whiskey Bay. George went to the area and spent a week searching, staying with local Jason Mouret who was helping look for the lost dog, too.

“I have a service dog myself, and I know what she means to me,” Mouret told WAFB-TV. “Hearing about another service dog missing was heart-wrenching.”

“This became my life mission when I found out,” he continued, speaking to Unfiltered with Kiran. “I had to get his dog home to him when I found out because I would pray someone got my dog home to me if something happened to him. If the dog had deceased, we could get over it eventually. It was the not knowing part that was killing George. He didn’t know until we had pictures.”

But after that week, George had to return home empty-handed.

Jim LaGrone, who owns part of the private island, also kept an eye out for the dog. He even set up trail cameras and food stations, and finally, he started capturing consistent video of the dog.

After confirming the pup was Fenny, LaGrone set a trap and caught Fenny on March 14.

“‘Fenny the pit Bull that was lost when a FedEx truck crashed on I-10 at Whiskey Bay back on Jan. 16, 2022 has been recovered in good condition and is being cared for until his Navy Serviceman owner can come back to Louisiana from Florida to bring him home!!!” Jim LaGrone posted on Facebook.

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“He’s so overjoyed to finally be with people, he doesn’t know how to act,” Mouret added of the found dog, WAFB-TV reported. “He’s just wound up!”

George was out of leave time, so his mom made the drive to pick up Fenny and take him home to Florida. The video of the two reuniting shows man and dog experiencing pure joy.

“I missed you, I missed you!” George says in the video as Fenny wiggles and wags and kisses his human.

Fenny was also checked out by a veterinarian and appears to be doing well, especially now that he’s back home safe and sound with George.

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