Wallet with Over $2,200 Inside Goes Missing, Stranger Finds It at Convenience Store


Misplacing items is always a headache, but when it’s something you need to survive, that can be a reason to freak out.

Travis Stiles of Mount Holly, North Carolina, knew this feeling all too well when he couldn’t find a very important item.

On Tuesday, Jan. 9, Stiles went into a convenience store to purchase some drinks. Later that night, he decided to order pizza but noticed his wallet was missing.

“I thought I was ruined,” he told WBTV-TV. Also adding: “I’ve been fighting to get my disability for years, and I just deposited the check on Monday night.”

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All the money he had was inside that very same wallet. Stiles had over $2,200 to his name, which included a $2,200 debit card and $100 in cash.

In a panic, he searched through his home and inside his car.

Then it dawned on him that maybe he left it at the store.

A woman at the store told Stiles that one of their regulars, a male customer, had turned in the wallet.

When he went to go pick it up, all of his money was still there.

The next day, Stiles posted a message on Facebook. He was eager to find the stranger so he could thank him personally.

Stiles wrote: “Yesterday you could have wiped me clean … You could have ruined me but you did the good thing and I thank you!”

Out of the goodness of his heart, Stiles left “a small reward at the store” for the man. It was his way of saying thank you.

“I mean, I don’t know you, but you’re an angel,” Stiles said. “He was really looking out for me that day.”

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On Thursday, Jan. 11, WBTV-TV came in contact with the man who wanted to remain anonymous.

When asked why he returned the wallet, his answer was simple: “Because that might have been that man’s last dollar.”

What would you have done after finding a wallet loaded with cash? Would you turn it in or keep for yourself? Let us know by sharing this story!

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