Watch: Biden Gives Speech So Bad It Has Tons of People Wondering What Is Going on with Him


The president’s latest speech has many people wondering the same thing.

Is Biden okay?

On Thursday, President Biden delivered remarks at the National Institutes of Health regarding his administration’s efforts to curb the surging omicron variant of COVID-19 (which, according to reports, is a mild strain of the disease).

Throughout his speech, Biden didn’t just make one gaffe (as he does during most of his speeches).

Instead, he made many. So many, in fact, plenty of Americans are now left wondering about the status of his mental health.

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As highlights of Biden’s gaffe-filled speech began hitting Twitter on Thursday, many conservative commentators and critics of the president offered their opinions.

“Biden is not all there,” journalist Ian Miles Cheong wrote on Twitter in response to a video of the president struggling to get through a sentence.

Is Biden's mental health where it should be to be President of the United States?

“…for safety. To get such vaccines renewed… reviewed and renewed… reviewed and approved, if they’re needed,” Biden said.

Another video, showing Biden struggling to talk as he repeatedly coughed, caused Jewish Deplorable — a popular conservative Twitter account with over 70,000 followers — to wonder “Is Biden ok?”

In yet another video of his remarks, Biden appears unintelligible.

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“Get this man a booster, STAT!” conservative commentator and podcast host Dave Rubin tweeted in response to the clip.

In other clips, Biden can be seen making some pretty big factual errors.

These include the president directing individuals to head to “” instead of “” (an especially troubling mistake considering he appeared to have been reading from a teleprompter at the time) and Biden saying booster shots are available at “CVC,” instead of “CVS.

Of course, the establishment media came to Biden’s defense on this.

Alexander Nazaryan, a White House correspondent for Yahoo News, took to Twitter to defend the president, saying, “He has a stutter, which can make speech challenging.”

Abigail Marone, press secretary for Sen. Josh Hawley, was quick to debunk this claim.

“What does sounding tired have to do with having a stutter? Media & Dems frequently try to use this talking point to justify his low energy speeches where he loses his train of thought. It’s dishonest,” Marone said.

And also, after reviewing the highlights of Biden’s speech, Marone, like many others, felt compelled to ask one important question.

“Is Biden ok???????” she asked.

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