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Watch: Dog Found 'Stuck to the Pavement,' Covered in Tar Has Completely Transformed

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As long as there are animals and people, animal rescues will have a place. It’s sad but true that many different kinds of animals are mistreated, but not everyone has the ability to care for extra dogs or cats, let alone livestock.

In India, a rescue called “Animal Rahat” was started to help these gentle giants.

Animal Rahat “is a unique program that aims to help some of the most neglected animals in the world—the bullocks, donkeys, and other working animals of India,” the group’s “About” page states on Facebook.

The rescue has a 10-acre sanctuary where animals can live out their lives in peace. They also have a kitchen, a pond, a classroom and a surgical facility on site.

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The group also works to get roaming dogs fixed to help with population issues as well as provide veterinary care for their communities.

Animal Rahat has shared many beautiful transformation videos, and on Tuesday the organization shared a new video of a pup named Champi who they found in dire straits.

Champi was a pup who was anchored to the street when rescuers found her. Her entire side was as stiff as a board with tar, and it was hard for her to even walk.

“Champi wasn’t even recognizable as a dog when she was found stuck to the pavement, unable to move, covered with coal tar and debris in Solapur—a city in India—by a rescue team from Animal Rahat (“rahat” means “relief” in Hindi),” the caption on Animal Rahat’s video read.

The tar had collected debris, and without help, the poor puppy might not have survived. Rescuers sedated her, took her to the rescue and spent days cleaning her up.

“It took Animal Rahat’s first responders four days to remove the tar and debris from Champi, gently using vegetable and coconut oil so as not to hurt her,” the caption read.

Once the tar was removed, her damaged skin was visible. They had done their best to get the tar off without hurting her, and it would take some time before she was a healthy, furry dog again.

Thankfully, her hair did grow back, and she grew up. Her coat is beautiful now, and she’s been adopted.

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“Now, her fur has grown back and she spends her days running in the fields at her new home and playing with her animal friends, including some rescued chickens,” the video caption continued.

The video shows a happy, healthy, full-grown Champi frolicking in fields and loving on her humans.

It’s sad that she had to have such a horrible experience so early in her life, but now she is safe and loved, thanks to the efforts of Animal Rahat.

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