Watch Freshman Dem Rep's COVID-19 Speech Devolve Into Unhinged Rant on House Floor

In a stunning case of irony, a Democratic lawmaker went into an unhinged and emotional tirade on the House floor Friday as she urged Americans to remain calm about the spread of the coronavirus.

As the House of Representatives debated the $2 trillion coronavirus relief package that unanimously passed in the Senate and was later signed by President Donald Trump, Michigan Democrat Haley Stevens used her speaking time to tell Americans not to panic about the international pandemic.

Donning white pearls and pink latex gloves, the freshman congresswoman warned her fellow lawmakers that the spread of COVID-19 is “The biggest battle we have faced as a nation together in generations.”

Stevens had my attention for a few moments, but her COVID-19 comments soon devolved as she painted a bleak picture that culminated in her screaming from the top of her lungs.

“In these times, heroes will be made and not selected. We are in a global pandemic. Many Americans may perish unexpectedly and suddenly, in unfair circumstances. These are not pleasant words to hear,” she said.

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“The outbreak of COVID-19 has spread throughout our land. Listen to the scientists and doctors who have spent a lifetime in this space. Listen to Dr. Fauci,” she pleaded, “this is not a moment to provide the false comforts of times past.”

Stevens was then informed she was out of time and requested 30 additional seconds of speaking time — her request was denied.

Did Stevens respectfully yield the floor? Of course not. She is, after all, a young, progressive Democrat.

Like many of her young, so-called progressive peers in the House, she seems to have little respect for the institution of which she is a part.

Do you think the outbreak of COVID-19 will forever alter life in America?

Rather than adhere to centuries of etiquette, Stevens began speaking faster and shouting over everyone.

“I rise before you adorning these latex gloves, not for personal attention! Not for personal attention, but to encourage you to take this disease seriously. I rise for every American who is scared right now!” she shrieked.

After her performance earned her an additional 30 seconds, she continued, “You will see darkness. You will be pushed, and our society needs you to stand together at this time. Our country loves you.

“To our doctors and our nurses, I wear these latex gloves to tell every American, do not be afraid,” she screamed.

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It is interesting that Stevens noted she was not attempting to seek attention while she screamed in such an exaggerated tone.

Being intentionally controversial in order to provoke a reaction from others is one of the hallmarks of attention-seeking behavior in adults.

Perhaps her blatant disregard for proper decorum is simply a sign of how entitled so many young Democrats have become. As a child of the late 1980s, I know full well the overall social environment in which Stevens was reared.

I, too, belong to the participation trophy generation.

Stevens could have been given more speaking time, as was evidenced by Wyoming GOP Rep. Liz Cheney — who was granted more speaking time during the same debate after requesting it in a respectful manner.

Stevens’ screaming like a demon being exercised was not out of concern for doctors and nurses — or for you. It was a display of poor performance art.

The congresswoman was putting on a show, and in her mind, she was the star.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the future of the Democratic Party.

Stevens is the candidate citizens of Michigan elected to represent them, and frankly, she represents Democrats quite well.

Stevens joins Rep. Rashida Tlaib as a freshman congresswoman from Michigan filmed behaving like a petulant child in public. A video unearthed last year shows Tlaib being forcibly removed from a 2016 Trump rally.

Tlaib represents Michigan’s 13th district, while Stevens represents the state’s 11th district. Both ladies are first-term Democrats. I am beginning to notice a trend.

Even still, Stevens and her young Democratic peers in the House can paint all the doomsday scenarios they wish. They can shriek until every microphone is broken and their voices are hoarse.

I have a tendency toward putting my fate and my faith in the hands of God in times of uncertainty.

That being said, knowing that there are imbalanced people making major policy decisions is disturbing to no end.

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Johnathan "Kipp" Jones has worked as a reporter, an editor and a producer in radio, television and digital media. He is a proud husband and father.
Johnathan "Kipp" Jones has worked as an editor and producer in radio and television. He is a proud husband and father.