Watch: Miracle Happens as Explosion Completely Engulfs Evacuating Firefighters


What does it mean to walk through fire?

Several members of the Los Angeles Fire Department could give probably give us an idea, especially considering they did so and lived to tell the tale.

According to CNN, the explosion occurred when firefighters responded to an incident near Little Tokyo and Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles in May.

As crew members exited the building, flames surrounded them, igniting some crew members and burning parts of the fire truck parked across the street.

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“After, on the street, you could see the firefighters’ protective equipment had been pulled off — coats burned, parts of helmets melted,” Capt. Erik Scott said.

Despite their injuries, none of these men were killed by the burning-hot stream of fire.

Of course, these men are blessed to be alive, but the miraculous nature of their story speaks volumes about God’s mysterious ways.

This should’ve killed these men, yet they survived.

Are you surprised that these men survived?

These crew members were given a second chance at life — thanks to nothing short of a miracle.

One YouTube video portraying the incident shows crew members braving the blaze-turned-explosion that eventually engulfed multiple buildings.

The Los Angeles Fire Department said that more than 230 members worked to extinguish the ongoing blaze and, although these men survived, many still left the scene mentally scarred.

“A lot of our firefighters were traumatized,” Chief Ralph M. Terrazas said. “I spoke to them directly, and they’re holding up. But when one of your own is injured … you can imagine the amount of emotional stress.”

Oftentimes, we think only of physical wounds.

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Though we are quick to say these firefighters escaped unharmed, do we know if that much is actually true?

Stories of courage such as this one remind us that heroes come in many forms and face many forms of trial and tribulation.

Perhaps the real miracle, however, is that heroes like these exist.

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