Watch: Russian Warship Featured in Propaganda Goes Up in Flames After Ukrainians Strike


A Russian warship exploded and burned in an occupied Ukrainian port on Thursday.

The vessel, identified as the landing ship Orsk, was reportedly struck by the Ukrainian military in the port of Berdyansk.

Orsk was unloading supplies and material for the ongoing siege of Mariupol, where the fiercest fighting in Russia’s invasion is situated.

Video of the attack reveals large explosions consuming the Orsk, loud enough to be heard from a residence in Berdyansk.

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More video reveals the magnitude of the explosions consuming the vessel.

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A naval analyst indicated that the ship was attacked by a Bayraktar UAV drone, an unmanned aircraft already used to great effect by Ukraine’s armed forces in the war.

Two other Russian landing ships fled the port of Berdyansk in a hurry after the Orsk was attacked.

One of the ships was smoking similarly to the Orsk, although it was able to escape.

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The ship’s inability to join the retreat suggested it was either totally destroyed or disabled.

Pro-Russian propagandists had published footage of the Orsk on Russian state TV just days ago, celebrating its role in assisting the troops attacking Mariupol.

A Vladimir Putin propaganda channel had published video of the Orsk unloading war materials in Berdyansk just three days ago, raising serious questions about Russian operational security in the invasion.

Russian soldiers admitted that Putin’s invasion has devolved into a “circus” in intercepted phone calls, with delusional commanders promising their troops that Kyiv would fall in hours or days.

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