Watch: Ted Cruz Appears to Fall Asleep in Middle of Joe Biden's Speech


President Joe Biden delivered his first address to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday night, weighing in on the pandemic, the economy and his administration’s efforts as his 100th day in office quickly approaches.

His audience, both houses of Congress, sat before him to listen — some members more enthusiastic than others.

It’s hard to say any were visibly less enthusiastic about Biden’s speech than Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas who appeared to be nodding off during the address he later labeled “boring but radical.”

A video tweet from San Francisco-based KRON-TV showed Cruz seemingly struggling to keep his tired eyes open, closing and slowly reopening them as Biden spoke mundanely in the background.

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Of course, leftist media was quick to criticize Cruz for his apparent struggle to stay awake during the speech, labeling him as a less than satisfactory example of someone who works for the people of Texas.

TheGrio emphasized the negative responses to Cruz’s inability to keep his eyes open, highlighting several mocking tweets — including one from Vice President Kamala Harris’ niece, Meena Harris.

“Of course Ted Cruz is SLEEPING,” the activist tweeted during the address.

Did you watch Biden's first address to Congress?

“Texas, are you watching?” another Twitter user wrote. “He is supposed to be working for you! You should be embarrassed!”

Of course, People was quick to point out that Cruz started to “fall asleep” just in time for Biden to discuss immigration —  an issue especially important to Texas.

It’s strange to witness so many sources claiming Cruz was poorly representing Texas just for appearing to fall asleep during Biden’s references to immigration, when the Republican senator was particularly quick in his efforts to expose the Biden administration’s poorly shrouded border crisis.

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It appears Cruz is working on behalf of Texans more than Biden is, but the left obviously has a different definition of inaction and poor leadership.

Would the same leftists who had thoughts on Cruz’s behavior during the address also criticize Biden if they were shown the video of the then-vice president appearing to take a snooze during former President Barack Obama’s 2011 debt plan speech?

Regardless, can we really blame Cruz if he did, in fact, catch a few Zs during Biden’s speech?

If members of the public had been forced to sit among Congress to listen to the mundane tones the president used in his address, we might have fallen asleep just as easily.

“I think the speech tonight, you could sum up in three words: boring but radical,” Cruz said later Wednesday night in an interview with Fox News’ conservative commentator Sean Hannity.

“The speech, by design, was calm and dulcet tones. You know, I challenge you to remember a single line from the speech. I mean, it was monotone, the chamber was nearly empty — and that really has characterized the first 100 days of Joe Biden,” Cruz continued.

“Joe is deliberately being boring, but the substance of what he’s saying is radical — this is the most radical first 100 days of any president in the history of this country.”

As members of the establishment media remain quick to condemn Cruz, or any conservative official, for anything they can possibly snatch, they remind us that those running the show are no longer concerned about their blatant displays of partisanship.

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