Watch: Would You Want to Board This Flight in This Wicked Alaskan Snowstorm?


Alaska is an interesting blend of rugged beauty and crazy-cold weather. It’s an outdoor lover’s dream, given all the possibilities for adventure and activity.

Alaska also tends to be one of the more difficult places for pilots to navigate, with its rather complex aviation environment and possible dramatic weather conditions.

Alaskan TikTok user @twinmomwillow had some travel plans that apparently clashed with one of Alaska’s more wild-weather days, according to WanderWisdom News.

She posted this video of her experience boarding a flight while in Alaska.

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The blasts of snow being blown around by what seemed to be near-gale winds didn’t stop her from boarding her flight and having total confidence that her pilot and the plane would get her safely to her destination.

Where was she headed? It’s not clearly indicated, but perhaps Hawaii might be a nice choice, given the fact it would be far warmer and just under 6 hours in flight time, according to the Air Miles Calculator.

That being said, it seems that pilots must be rather detailed, organized and skilled where their work is concerned, especially when flying in Alaska.

Have you ever flown in a crazy snowstorm before?

Not only are weather reporting points far apart, but since Alaska is very mountainous, correct navigation can be deceptive in some instances.

In addition, many of Alaska’s airports have a great deal of distance between them, icing can be an issue year-round, many runways aren’t well-lit and most of them have a gravel surface, according to Alaska’s aviation branch of the Department of Transportation.

In spite of how extreme the weather can be, Alaska does have a few perks for those who choose to live there.

People actually get paid to live there, according to Royal Alaskan Movers.

Once a person has lived there for one year with the intent to stay, they become eligible for the annual Permanent Fund Dividend. The amount changes each year, but back in 2018, the payout was $1,600.

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Alaskans take their state fair very seriously.

The last census found that the number of people living there is 700,000. About 300,000 of them show up for the annual state fair.

Some of the activities enjoyed include live music, crafts, state delicacies, livestock exhibits, a beard contest and more.

Few Alaskans are overly concerned about fashion.

Because the weather is so cold and harsh, they are much more concerned about dressing for warmth rather than sporting the latest fashion trend — unless it involves warm hiking boots and a quality parka.

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