'WJ Live': Is 2020 Just a Repeat of 2016?


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Could Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation provide ammunition for the left to pack the Supreme Court? Why are there so many similarities between 2020 and 2016? And should Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez be held responsible for the fact that the district she represents has seen the highest per capita COVID death rate in the country?

Biggest COVID Vaccine Study Ever Finds Concerning Links

In this episode: 

  • 0:42 — Will Democrats be able to pack the Supreme Court after Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation?
  • 14:07 — Is 2020 just a repeat of 2016?
  • 23:36 — Should Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez take responsibility for her congressional district’s COVID death rate?

Relevant sources:

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Dennis Prager: If the left packs the court, we could have 31 justices by 2040 | The Western Journal

Similarities between 2016 and 2020 | The Federalist

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COVID-19 metrics for U.S. congressional districts | Harvard University

Quotes from this episode:

“There is so much rancor in the Senate, in politics in general, certainly in the House … so things that we would have thought impossible even a decade ago or two, like the ending of the filibuster for federal judges, for example, are not impossible anymore.” — George Upper 

“When Trump was elected, the Democratic mantra was the illegitimacy of the presidency.” — George Upper 

“At some point, you stop delegitimizing the person and you begin delegitimizing the office and that’s a disturbing, disturbing thought.” — Josh Manning 

“It’s hard to tell whether they’re going to vote for Biden or they’re going to vote for Trump, or whether they’re going to stay home. But it’s a big enough group of voters that can swing the election either way.” — Joe Setyon 

“Speaking of adults who don’t know anything. I want to quickly talk about AOC.” — Josh Manning 

“For AOC to be lobbing grenades at anyone else when that’s what her home district looks like is just ridiculous.” — George Upper 

“The narrative on the left is that politicians are responsible for it as long as the politicians are Donald Trump. That’s the narrative from the left. It’s ridiculous.” — George Upper 

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