'WJ Live': Exposing BLM's Lies, How Rioting Could Actually Help Trump and Why the McCain Family Is Abandoning Their Values


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On this episode of “WJ Live,” Michael Austin, Floyd Brown and Andrew J. Sciascia discuss some of the Black Lives Matter movement’s biggest lies, whether or not rioting will help President Donald Trump in November and how the McCain family is allowing their bitterness to affect their values.

In this episode:

  • 0:35 — Are people waking up to the lies of the Black Lives Matter movement?
  • 10:05 — Will the recent rioting help or hurt President Donald Trump’s chances of being reelected?
  • 19:10 — Why are establishment Republicans like John McCain’s family willing to bend on their values?
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Quotes from this episode:

“When you don’t have people that want to dig for the truth, when you don’t have people that care about the truth, you’re going to have a passive body of mindless drones that just speak ‘my truth,’ and that is of deep concern.” — Andrew J. Sciascia 

“But really, the truth is, is that blacks and whites really want the same things. What do they want? They want to be able to live as part of the American dream. They want to be able to find a good job. They want their children to be safe.” — Floyd Brown 

“The reason Democrats are opposed to [school choice] is because the teachers unions are opposed to that. The reason they’re opposed to it is because bad teachers and bad schools would no longer exist. Public schools would have to compete for the first time, and it would make public schools better.” — Michael Austin 

“These RINOs and these people that are turning their backs on conservatism just to spite Trump, they can feign political decency all they want — there is nothing decent about tearing apart a child limb by limb from the womb days before it’s going to be born, and that’s what the Democrat, that’s what they support.” — Michael Austin 

“The left has been tearing us down for so long. What we’ve needed, what’s really ignited the Republican Party in the last few years, is the fact that Donald Trump will not put up with it.” — Michael Austin 

“There is this strange Trump derangement syndrome among elites that were the leaders before because his strong leadership exposes their weak leadership.” — Floyd Brown 

Relevant sources: 

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