'WJ Live': Did Mike Pence Dodge a Pro-Life Question?


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On this episode of “WJ Live,” Josh Manning, Joe Setyon and George Upper discuss whether Sen. Kamala Harris is less likable than Hillary Clinton, did Vice President Mike Pence completely dodge a pro-life question during the debate and why is the Commission on Presidential Debates changing the rules … again?

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In this episode:

  • 0:44 — Is Kamala Harris less likable than Hillary Clinton?
  • 10:22 — Did Mike Pence intentionally dodge a pro-life question?
  • 24:22 — Will a virtual debate help Joe Biden?

Quotes from this episode: 

“Don’t go after her likability. Don’t go after her smug expressions. Go after the fact that she is a dishonest, dishonest, really bad politician.” — Joe Setyon [00:04:27]

“[Kamala Harris] is dishonest, because she’s running away from a record that is not progressive and she’s trying to make herself out to be a progressive icon while also fitting with the sort of establishment Democrats. She doesn’t know what she stands for.” — Joe Setyon [00:06:43]

“I think the left honestly believes now that they are in an election between Donald Trump and Kamala Harris.” — George Upper [00:09:09]

“That’s evidence that [the establishment media] still, after four years of trying to learn everything they can about the man, they haven’t figured him out.” —  Josh Manning [00:31:21]

“It’s like the media’s out on the football field and they’re offended that Trump dared tackle one of them. It’s because he’s playing by a different set of rules. The public realizes it’s a different set of rules. And what’s funny is the media even made that set of rules for him.” — Josh Manning, our resident sports expert [00:33:03]

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