'WJ Live': Did Trump's COVID Tweet Win Him the Election?


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On this episode of “WJ Live,” Andrew J. Sciascia, Floyd Brown, Josh Manning and George Upper discuss the confirmation proceedings for Amy Coney Barrett, whether people should give up on the establishment media and how this election ultimately comes down to fear vs. hope.

Prominent Investor Cancels New York Plans 40 Years in the Making After Trump Ruling

In this episode:

0:33 — Will the Senate have enough time to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court before the election?

5:28 — Why we shouldn’t believe the left’s latest conspiracy theories?

17:23 — Is the election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump or is it one between fear and hope?

28:53 — Have national polls become an instrument for the left to push fear and hopelessness?

Quotes from this episode: 

“We know that the Republican establishment loves those terms far more than they love success.” — Andrew J. Sciascia 

“The ultimate conspiracy against the left: the truth.” — Josh Manning 

“If you don’t read the Bible, then you don’t have a marker by which to discern and understand current culture.” — Floyd Brown 

Trump-Endorsed Veteran: "This is Not a "1984" Conspiracy Theory."

“You have a generation of people who have not been in the word enough to see even Christ is sometimes harsh in the way that he speaks to folks.” — Andrew J. Sciascia 

“Donald Trump sees the country getting better. Joe Biden sees the country getting worse, Joe Biden has fear. If you’re going to choose optimism vs. fear, you’re going to choose optimism every time.” — Floyd Brown 

“Should I just give up hope on all establishment media outlets at this point?” — George Upper 

“Anybody that’s still reading the mainstream media isn’t looking for the truth. If you want to find the truth, you’ve got to walk a different path through.” — Floyd Brown

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Don’t miss an episode of “WJ Live” by getting it delivered directly to your inbox! Subscribe to the “WJ Live” newsletter.

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