Woman Eating Cashews Bites Down & Finds Tooth Covered in Dried Blood


So, this is nauseating. An Ohio woman was happily chomping down on a bag of Planters cashews when she felt a stony object in between her teeth.

Nickolette Botsford, an EMT from Ravenna, said she initially thought the strange object was a tree root or a rotten nut. She was not that fortunate.

Botsford’s mother, who was riding in the car beside her daughter, broke the disgusting news after a quick examination underneath the light. “It looks like a tooth,” Botsford’s mother announced.

When Botsford pulled the car over for a closer inspection, she was sickened. “Mom, I think that’s a human tooth,” Botsford cringed.

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Botsford was so repulsed, she vomited several times. “I got very upset, I was crying,” she recalled with a shudder.

After noticing what appeared to be dried blood on the tooth, Botsford visited a hospital as a precautionary measure and was treated for exposure to blood or bodily fluids, according to the New York Post.

Hospital staff confirmed Botsford’s nightmarish suspicion that yes, the object was indeed a human tooth with a spot of dried blood.

Left traumatized, Botsford was determined to get to the bottom of why a human tooth ended up in her snack bag.

She contacted Kraft Heinz Co., Planters’ parent company, but didn’t receive a response until she decided to publicly share the incident on social media.

Eventually, Kraft Heinz sent a courier to pick up the tooth for testing.

Weeks have passed, and Botsford has heard nothing from the company other than the promise of an update when information is available.

According to the Associated Press, Kraft did confirm the presence of a “foreign object” inside the bag.

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They have yet to confirm whether or not the off-white mass was indeed a human tooth.

“This was very traumatic to me considering my phobia of teeth,” Botsford expressed.

It will be a long time, if ever, before she can stomach even the thought of eating nuts again.

According to Fox News, Botsford mentioned hiring a lawyer to try and get reimbursed for the hospital visit. When life hands you nuts, you may as well become a nutcracker.

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