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Woman Films Sweet Moment Grandpa Paints Her Nails After Surgery: 'He Wanted To Make Me Feel Better'


A heartwarming video of a grandfather painting his granddaughter’s fingernails went viral this week, with many commenting that the kind act represented true familial love.

Ayla Winter-White, 20, posted the sweet footage of her grandfather on Twitter. The young woman was recovering after surgery when her grandparents arrived to help out until she could get back on her feet.

“My grandparents came to look after me after my surgery and my grandad told me he wanted to make me feel better,” she wrote.

Her grandpa, named Keith according to WTTG, found a very special way to do just that.

Winter-White explained that the 82-year-old granddad declared he wanted to paint her nails, sitting down with a bottle of polish.

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“He told me he’s been painting my nan’s nails for 30 years and that he wanted to paint mine,” Winter-White’s post continued.

Laying in her hospital bed, the young woman recorded as her grandfather went carefully to work. The video shows him bending over her hand, very focused and steady as he gives each nail a double coat.

“I’ve got an important job at the moment,” Winter-White’s grandfather said in the video, not to be distracted when another family member asked him for help finding the car keys.

The sweet moment instantly warmed hearts on Twitter and the video went viral.

Since being posted, it has been viewed over 8 million times, attracting hundreds of comments admiring the simple act of love.

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After the clip gained popularity, Winter-White added more details about her grandparents.

“He also worships my nan and is her personal photographer,” she wrote. “What more could a woman want in life?”

The video resonated with viewers everywhere, reminding us how simple it really is to show our loved ones that we care. Too often, it’s easy to assume that kind gestures have to be big, flashy or dramatic in order to make a difference and show someone how important they are.

But more often than not, all it takes a few moments of care and an act of service — even if it’s as simple as painting someone’s nails.

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Laura Stewart was an associate story editor and news and lifestyle contributor for The Western Journal.
Laura Stewart was an associate story editor and news and lifestyle contributor for The Western Journal.
Phoenix, AZ