Woman Gives Birth in Bathtub During Snowstorm after Sent Home from Hospital Twice


Grinning from a hospital bed, proud new mom Brylye Jones described the unplanned home birth of her son, Mathue. The day started out as “your average, everyday snow day,” according to Jones.

But the day was anything but ordinary. A baby was ready to be born — and he wasn’t going to let a snowstorm stop him.

Jones explained that she had visited the hospital twice over the weekend, experiencing contractions. But Mathue wasn’t yet ready on either of those occasions, and Jones was sent home.

Babies have a way of arriving precisely when they want to, and for Mathue, it was in the midst of an Indiana snowstorm on Jan. 15. Jones was in the shower when her son was born in just a matter of minutes, according to Jones.

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Her brother, Patrick, was the first to check on Jones. She remembers him barging into the bathroom, as brothers have a way of doing, to ask if she was okay.

Jones shrieked, warning Patrick not to enter, but it was too late. “Oh crap! You’ve got a baby!” Patrick exclaimed, running out the door to call 911.

“I need an ambulance as soon as possible,” Patrick urged the dispatcher. “My sister just had her baby in the shower!”

Mom and baby were whisked to the local hospital, and both are doing just fine. It was all a blur, and Jones said the reality of giving birth didn’t really sink in until she was at the hospital, “getting poked with needles.”

Jones couldn’t help but be a little proud of her single-handed delivery, especially when people had told her she would need a lot more help.

“Everybody was like, ‘Oh, you don’t have that high of a pain tolerance. You’ll have to be at the hospital. You’ll want an epidural,'” she related. ” And then, I had him in the shower and I didn’t need anything.”

Fortunately for the young mother, Child Development classes during high school had come in handy. She’d clearly been paying attention during the lessons.

“I knew to suck out his mouth because of the class and I knew that you needed to make sure he was breathing okay and that his color was okay,” she said.

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From conception to delivery, Jones could see the hand of God orchestrating the life of her son. Doctors had told Jones she couldn’t conceive, because of an ovarian dysfunction.

She was told that her body would not “produce hormones like it’s supposed to,” and that was a life-changer.

But just months after the news, Jones found out she was pregnant. That’s when Jones knew exactly what to name her babe.

“Mathue means ‘gift from God,'” Jones explained, looking down on her son with love. “So to me, he was a gift.”

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