Woman Planting Flowers Jumped by Punk, Vicious Attack Left Her with 10 Facial Fractures


Summer 2020 was a dark time for Seattle, as the city’s streets were plagued by riots and general lawlessness, with public officials fearfully cowering from any significant response.

Small businesses (and even a progressive church) in downtown Seattle, already struggling with the effects of COVID-19, likely lost millions of dollars to looters and criminals, KOMO-TV reported.

Now, the violence has escalated into a series of unprovoked attacks on residents simply trying to go about their lives.

One particularly brutal attack occurred earlier this month in the heavily populated Belltown neighborhood, located adjacent to several of Seattle’s most iconic tourist destinations.

KCPQ-TV reported that “surveillance video shows a woman planting flowers just after dusk in the Belltown neighborhood when a man walks by and kicks her in the head.”

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According to local radio host Jason Rantz, the victim “was hit so hard she suffered 10 fractures to her cheekbone, nose, sinuses & eye socket.”

WARNING: The following video contains graphic images that some viewers may find disturbing:

Do you think President Joe Biden's administration will support law enforcement?

KCPQ added that the suspect in this case has also been connected by police to a similar attack against “another woman just the day before on [a] bus in the University District.”

That victim, only known as “Jane” to the media, suffered a concussion, and was thankful to law enforcement for handling her case so rapidly.

Fortunately, this particular suspect has been apprehended, but one alleged criminal’s capture will not alleviate the institutional rot that is threatening to destroy Seattle from the inside out.

2020 saw Seattle record its highest number of homicides in a quarter-century, but interim Police Chief Adrian Diaz declined to “go into the multiple theories … for why [Seattle] and other cities had such a large one-year increase,” arguing that “there’s no one clear explanation,” The Seattle Times reported this month.

Diaz is in a tough spot politically, as the hostile Seattle City Council is rolling out plans to cut law enforcement spending, but the true explanation is clear: Fearful of personal or political consequences, primarily Democrat-led municipal governments are either unable or unwilling to restore law and order.

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The Founding Fathers asserted that the primary reason government exists in the first place is the protection of life, liberty and private property (or the pursuit of happiness).

Without laws (and the enforcement thereof) to protect our inalienable rights, individuals can only rely on their own capabilities and the goodness of others to defend what is rightfully theirs.

When municipal governments allow vandals to pillage to their heart’s content without recourse, they fail to fulfill one of the essential functions of government.

If President Joe Biden is interested in “healing” America, he could start by holding ineffective city administrators accountable and emphasize a national rebuilding of relations between police departments and the communities they serve.

There can be no “recovery” of any kind until Americans feel confident in the restoration of law and order.

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