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Woman Reads 1 Line on Velveeta Cup - Ends Up Filing $5M Class-Action Lawsuit Over What Happened Next


Perhaps one of the premium, all-American products that most people love when they’re looking for something quick and easy to prepare and eat is a box of macaroni and cheese.

Besides requiring little effort or investment of time — and as something the kids typically won’t fight parents over as a dinner option  — it’s often thought of as an inexpensive food product.

However, those desiring a step up from just the box stuff might select a product like Velveeta Shells and Cheese cups with the notion that it’s even easier to deal with than the box because of that convenient squeeze pouch of cheese.

Not only does it store nicely in the pantry because no refrigeration is required, it can even be kept in a desk or locker at work as a stand-in for those times when lunch didn’t get packed the night before, it’s the day before payday, and all co-workers have been tapped out as a source for borrowing some lunch money because they all still need to be paid back from previous lunches.

In a world where time is money, one woman got more than just slightly miffed that a Velveeta Shells and Cheese cup took longer to prepare than she thought it should based on what’s written on the box, according to Fox Business News.

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In fact, it bothered her so much that she decided to sue Kraft Heinz Foods Company over it as a class-action complaint, according to documents filed Nov. 18 in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida in Miami.

Amanda Ramirez and her legal team are alleging that for the product to advertise that it’s ready in 3 1/2 minutes is false advertising because it allegedly does not take the preparation time into account along with the 3 1/2 minutes to cook the product itself.

So just to clarify, the steps included in preparation, according to what’s written on the box are:

“1. REMOVE lid and cheese sauce pouch.
2. ADD water to fill line in cup, STIR.
3. MICROWAVE, uncovered, on high 3-1/2 min. DO NOT DRAIN.
4. STIR IN contents of cheese pouch.”

Would you ever file a lawsuit like this?

There is a note under that indicating that the cheese sauce will thicken upon standing.

Because of how the product is advertised to be ready to consume quickly, the case also alleges that the product is “sold at a premium price, approximately no less than $10.99 for eight 2.39 oz cups, excluding tax and sales.”

The case goes on to allege that this amount is “higher than similar products, represented in a non-misleading way, and higher than it would be sold for absent the misleading representations and omissions.”

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The suit was filed on Ramirez’ behalf by two law firms — The Wright Law Office, P.A., in West Palm Beach, Florida, and Sheehan & Associates, P.C., in Great Neck, New York.

According to a Nov. 29 “Good Morning America” report, Sheehan & Associates has brought numerous lawsuits against manufacturers of other popular products.

“GMA” cited an NPR report from October 2021 that described some of the more than 400 lawsuits the firm has filed.

Most of the cases end with the firm requesting that they be dismissed, NPR reported, which typically indicates in out-of-court settlements. Such settlements can result in little money for individual plaintiffs, but can mean a lot of money to the law firm representing them, NPR reported.

Kraft’s response to the lawsuit was, “We are aware of this frivolous lawsuit and will strongly defend against the allegations in the complaint,” according to WFLA.

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