How Dog Owner Trims Fussy Pooch's Nails is Game Changer


Dads often are thought of as problem-solvers who can come up with some pretty unique and innovative answers.

Tim Allen’s “Tim ‘The Tool Man’ Taylor” character on the show “Home Improvement” is a prime, humorous example of a dad coming to the rescue in a creative way.

For Kendal Peifer, the problem was that her dog, Oliver, just really didn’t like getting his nails trimmed.

He really, really didn’t like it, and always “squirms a lot” during the process. So her dad came to the rescue.

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As Peifer illustrated with images, her dad first “bought a cheap purse from the Goodwill and cut some holes into it” at the corners and in one of the sides.

Dad placed Oliver inside. He was very careful to get head and legs through each appropriate hole.

Then he hung the bag, with dog secured inside. He used a door frame mounted pull-up bar to safely hold the purse with the weight of Oliver.

The result was a less-than-thrilled but cooperative dog who did in fact get his nails trimmed without incident.

Peifer told Love What Matters that “It worked surprisingly well and Oliver did not squirm at all.”

The humorous comments started flying as people took notice of Peifer’s post and the brilliant idea.

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Some showed photos of their own canines in purses with holes cut out, looking about as happy with the experience as Peifer’s dog did.

But at least one person commenting showed why Dad’s idea was such a brilliant one. The image clearly shows a problem many dog owners run into when taking their own furry family members to the groomers.

Then came all the comments framed as the dog’s thoughts as he suffered the indignity of being hung in a purse to get his nails trimmed.

They were mostly tame, and all were attached to a close-up image of the unamused Oliver hanging in the purse.

Some examples of comments from Oliver’s perspective include “thou hath forsaken me” and “they ask you how you are and you just have to say you’re fine when you’re not really fine.”

Peifer’s tweet garnered more than 340,000 likes, 86,000 shares and 2,300 comments. The viral post also grabbed some attention from various publications, which added to its popularity.

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