Woman Viciously Assaults Child Over His Trump Sign, Police Say


Police in Boulder, Colorado, are searching for a woman who allegedly assaulted a child during an altercation over a sign in support of President Donald Trump.

The reported crime occurred earlier this week when a 12-year-old was riding his bicycle while carrying a Trump campaign sign.

KMGH-TV in Denver reported the boy was attacked while riding the bike near the intersection of Folsom Street and Glenwood Drive in the city.

The boy’s father, Jesse Rosales, told police his son was riding with the sign when the woman turned around in her vehicle and told the boy, “You want something to look at?”

That’s when police say the woman became violent, per a report obtained by the outlet.

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Police said the suspect began punching the boy in the back of the head and on his arms with a closed fist.

She also allegedly scratched him.

Per the police report, the woman then attempted to steal the Trump sign, which the child was using as a shield.

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Prior to the attack, the boy told police, the woman stared and laughed at him.

In an interview with KMGH, the 12-year-old expressed fear and disappointment at being attacked by an adult over a political sign.

“I didn’t want any conflict, anything,” the child said. “I just wanted to show what I believe in.”

The boy added, “Just don’t attack people, ’cause what she did to me — that’s not OK.”

He told the outlet he has been attacked before over his support for the president, but never by an adult.

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Rosales told KMGH he would like to locate the woman so he can file criminal charges against her.

The alleged attacker was described as a white woman in her late 20s to mid-30s with blondish-brown shoulder-length hair.

The boy said she was riding a gray/blue moped and wearing a tan jacket and blue jeans.

The Republican National Committee issued a statement about the reported attack Wednesday.

The party asked Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden to “disavow this act of hatred and violence on a child.”

The statement was also directed at Colorado Democrats.

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