Young Not Stupid: Biden's HHS Pick Is an Attorney Who Sued the Trump Admin 122 Times


The Secretary of Health and Human Services is a cabinet position that is frequently overlooked, but Democratic California Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s nomination to the job is incredibly problematic and detrimental to the United States.

Becerra first entered public service as a California State Assemblyman, and later served for 24 years in Congress before becoming the Attorney General in 2017, succeeding current Vice President Kamala Harris, according to the State of California Department of Justice.

His only notable experience pertaining to health was when he served on the House subcommittee on health, and has been a vocal advocate for abortion and the Affordable Care Act.

Originally, Biden was reportedly considering him to serve as the United States Attorney General, according to the New York Times, which would have been more fitting, so it is safe to assume HHS was the consolation prize.

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Not only is his lack of qualifications for the job on paper concerning, the humanitarian crises plaguing California, homelessness and COVID-19, should disqualify any notable California Democrat from serving in the new administration.

Unfortunately, the homelessness crisis was accentuated due to the economic downturn and prisoners being released early due to crowd concerns.

Becerra himself had the audacity to accuse the Trump administration last year for homelessness resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, as opposed to calling for action by fellow state leaders.

“The Trump Administration has a responsibility to protect vulnerable communities across the country,” said Becerra in April, according to a press release.

“It’s not enough to say you want to slow the spread of COVID-19, the federal government has to continue to act to make it happen — and that includes putting a stop to this foolhardy proposal. Nobody should have to face the prospect of evicting a loved one to keep a roof over the rest of their family’s heads. It wasn’t acceptable before and it’s certainly not okay during a public health crisis that requires people to stay at home.”

Should Becerra be the HHS nominee?

This lack of personal accountability from Becerra and California Democrats should be no surprise, given that Becerra has an obsession with suing the Trump administration.

The California Department of Justice sued the previous administration 122 times, and nine of lawsuits were filed on Trump’s last full day in office.

Many of these lawsuits pertained to the environment, but the Associated Press attributes his claim to fame for his defense of the Affordable Care Act, which would be the only reasonable explanation for his nomination.

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In a time where public health concerns are paramount, one would think Biden would have chosen a nominee with some semblance of medical expertise as opposed to just a litigious liberal.

Former Obama administration Surgeon General Vivek Murthy or even Dr. Fauci would have been realistic options for Biden that would be better positioned to tackle health challenges on a national scale.

The HHS plays a vital role in navigating the nation’s response to COVID-19 and deserves somebody more qualified at the helm.

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