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Here Are 10 #WeddingFail Videos and Stories That Have Gone Viral


People expect certain things from weddings.

The bride will wear a white dress, the couple will look blissfully happy and the caterers will show up on time and serve great food.

A lot of work goes into making weddings appear to go smoothly, but it’s very rare that there’s not some hiccup in the venue, the events or the attendees. When these occur, in the moment it can be hard to appreciate them, but with a bit of time and distance, these “issues” often tend to be viewed in a humorous light.

Many people who have had time to recover from the shock of the unexpected have shared photos or videos of their wedding fails online with the hashtag #WeddingFail, and they really are hilarious.

One woman shared a clip of her and her husband’s first dance: a moment that is precious and tender, and which — in her case — included some unintentional freestyling.

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Wardrobe malfunctions are notorious as well, and one woman submitted a photo of a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence: All three grandmothers somehow managed to choose the same blue dress.

Many people commenting on the three grandmas said they considered the match a win. Another instance that was not so endearing was a photo shared by Amy Pennza, whose mother-in-law went beyond breaking the “don’t wear white to a wedding” rule and simply wore a wedding dress herself.

Pennza did explain that her MIL is an incredibly thrifty woman who got the dress for a bargain and now regrets having worn it, but also added that her MIL is one of the most generous, selfless people she knows, so she was forgiven.

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Sometimes it’s the elements that cause a problem, and at times the most romantic locations pose the most potential problems. If you pose on or near water, chances are good that you’ll get wet.

Again with the water. Why are people so drawn to it while wearing expensive clothing?

Speaking of the elements, while nature is a beautiful and wild thing, and many like to maximize its time on their special day, there are things people just don’t think of before heading off to their ceremony.

Like, if your ceremony and exchange of rings is going to take place at the beach, over sand, you’d better not drop the rings.

Rain? Shine? Wind? It’s a good idea to plan for unfavorable conditions, although when they strike, they can cause some pretty amusing “accidents.”

Did the bride figure push the groom off the cake? Is she waving bye? Difficult to tell, but at least the dog is sticking around.

Involving children or pets in a wedding is a lovely way to keep the mood light — but it might be kept light precisely because neither kids nor dogs play by the rules.

With a dress so light and soft, is it any wonder a pup might pick it as a good place to nap?

Even wild animals have been known to throw a wrench into the wedding works. If they’re around, they don’t need an invitation to get involved.

Life is full of surprises, and these people have had them captured on film — for better or worse.

Did you have anything like these incidents happen at your wedding?

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