3-Month-Old Puppy Taken to Vet to Be Put Down, But Nurse Steps In Before It's Too Late


Dogs are normally put down once they’ve reached old age. Some are even put to sleep when they have an incurable sickness.

This painless killing, called euthanasia, happens often in the veterinarian field. For the most part, any dog, no matter the age, can be faced with this tragic fate.

It’s especially sad when some of these canines are growing little pups that haven’t had the chance to live out their lives. That has certainly been Nelly’s dilemma since the day she was born.

At just 3 months old, the Labrador retriever puppy was taken to the vet to be put down. Nelly, who was now in the care of her third set of owners in England, was living with a liver shunt.

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Her handlers said they weren’t able “to arrange pet insurance before she was diagnosed,” and so couldn’t afford the £6,000 medical procedure. At that point, Nelly’s only option was euthanasia.

This sad reality broke the heart of Fay Alsworth, a student veterinarian nurse at St. Clement Veterinary Clinic in Truro, Cornwall. Seeing the happy pup run across the room prompted her to help.

“The third owners gave her to me,” Alsworth said. “They are really lovely and heartbroken about the situation, they just didn’t have a choice due to funds and contacts.”

Alsworth decided to take Nelly home as her mental health was at stake. She was able to stabilize the pup with medication until she found a way to pay for treatment.

With a lot of determination to save the precious dog’s life, Alsworth created a crowdfunding page through JustGiving.

Her ultimate goal was to raise £5,500, but in just six days, £3,000 was donated to the cause.

“The surgery has a maximum of one month to be done,” Alsworth said. “If it is, Nelly will have a normal life, as long as she survives the recovery.”

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Nelly has been responding well to her medication and will soon undergo her life-saving procedure. Until then, the pooch continues to love life and enjoy her new forever family.

Sometimes we save them, but other times, they save us. Early on Sunday morning the Beaudreau’s dog River began to act a little crazy.

Owners Matt and Laura Beaudreau couldn’t figure out what was causing their dog to run around, barking wildly.

“I’m thinking, ‘What a pain in the butt. What’s wrong with you dog?’” said Laura. She tried treats and time outs, but nothing calmed the hyper pooch down.

River, a black Labrador, just wouldn’t stop. After trying everything they could think of to calm him, both Matt and Laura decided to listen and explore the house for issues.

They were glad they did. A fire had begun in the attached garage and was quickly spreading. Thick smoke and flames threatened to engulf them.

Laura slammed the door shut in terror while River continued to bark her warning. They were able to grab their cell phones before panic set in.

Matt and Laura quickly woke their three children and headed to safety out of doors. As they left, the flames began to spread to the rest of the house.

The love humans and dogs share runs deep, and we’re so happy that both of these families (big or small) ended up safe and sound.

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