50 Moms & 50 Kids with Down Syndrome Record Carpool Karaoke that Brings James Corden to Tears


World Down Syndrome Day is March 21, and in preparation for the day, a group of 50 mothers created a video that has spread like wildfire across the globe.

In the style of actor and TV show host James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke,” dozens of members of the “Designer Genes” Facebook suport group recorded themselves using sign language and lip-syncing in their cars to Chritina Perri’s “A Thousand Years.”

Another parent has worked throughout the past few months to piece together the 50 different videos into one giant celebration in song, titled “50 Mums | 50 Kids | 1 Extra Chromosome.”

These moms each have children with Down Syndrome born between 2013 and 2014. Their children appeared in the videos with them, using sign language or dancing right along with the music.

The heartwarming 5-minute video was uploaded to YouTube on March 16  and went viral, eventually catching the attention of the Carpool Karaoke King himself.

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Corden took to Twitter with a link to the video, dubbing it “the most beautiful carpool karaoke.” He also revealed that the emotional video left him in tears.

Rebecca Caress, one of the mothers in the video, is overjoyed that their video has gotten so much attention.

“We definitely wanted everyone to see it,” she said. “The idea is, we are just normal mums, we love our kids, they love us, and they are just like other four-year-olds, we wouldn’t change them.”

The mom-of-four said the group was inspired by videos from the group Singing Hands, who uses sign language to do nursery rhymes.

The group of mothers also wanted the video to spread awareness for World Down Syndrome Day, and to show others how loved their children are no matter how many chromosomes they have.

“The video turned out even better than we had hoped and the response has just been mad,” she said.

Caress also explained how much her son, Archie, enjoys the song now and knows just how meaningful it is.

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“Archie loves it, he spots himself straight away and grabs my hand to do the swaying bit.”

On World Down Syndrome Day, Down Syndrome International is calling on every person with Down Syndrome to share what they bring to their community.

One of the goals of their inspirational campaign is to “explain how people with Down syndrome can and do make meaningful contributions throughout their lives, whether in schools, workplaces, living in the community, public and political life, culture, media, recreation, leisure and sport.”

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