8-Year-Old Girl Bursts into Tears as Mom Hands Her Surprise Birthday Gift


Love is in the air and it’s definitely being felt by one 8-year-old girl.

For the “past four or five years,” young Viviane Vannoy has longed to have her very own kitten.

Mom, Susan, has known this for a while now. Her admiration for cats especially showed through her school work.

Everything Viviane would draw or write about pertained to the adorable animals.

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Her daughter is a complete cat-lover, and one video clip proved this recently.

Since Viviane’s birthday was near, they wanted to do something special for their little girl. They decided to give her an early present.

As Viviane opened her surprise birthday gift, a precious kitty popped his head out the bag. Seeing this instantly made the 8-year-old burst into tears.

Obviously, it was love at first sight. When her mom asked why she was crying, Viviane said, “Because I love him.”

Watching their daughter’s reaction was priceless and further confirmed they did the right thing.

“Michael [her dad] and I were talking about what to give Viviane for her birthday this year, and we both decided that it would be the best gift we could ever give her,” Susan said.

Viviane decided to name the young cat Buddy the Elf because of his friendly personality. Now that she had a new furry friend, she was taking on cat-mom responsibilities.

Keeping him fed and changing his litter are just a few duties Viviane has become used to doing.

“They’re so sweet together and she takes good care of him,” the mom said.

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When she’s not cleaning up after Buddy the Elf, Susan said her daughter gives him love and affection. “They also cuddle up and sleep together at night, which is super cute.”

Susan said she looks forward to watching Viviane and Buddy the Elf grow up together.

This is something her daughter has wished for, for a long time, and she was happy to make that wish come true for her birthday.

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