Abandoned Puppy Found After Owner Ties Heartbreaking Note Around Neck


Social media has given us many wonderful ways to stay aware of what’s going on in the lives of our friends, family and acquaintances. You can hear and see what’s new at your own pace, and interact with people you might not see regularly in-person.

That’s also dangerous, though, because it allows many people to comment on the actions of others based on a single photo or post, without knowing the situation in its entirety. People are quick enough to judge others in face-to-face scenarios, but since so many people and stories are posted online, the amount of judgment possible increases dramatically.

Some people, when they find themselves in dire straits or experience life events that they don’t know how to handle, do things that the rest of us can’t imagine. But if we were in their shoes, we might have a little more compassion.

It’s difficult for many people to imagine what would drive someone to turn their dog out onto the streets. Abandoning an animal is no light matter, but there are a whole range of potential reasons behind such an action, and some of them are more forgivable than others.

It’s unclear exactly what this dog’s story is. Found wandering in a neighborhood in a dejected state, she was turned into a rescue called “Luvnpupz,” which is doing its best to shed light on her story and find out as much as they can.

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The only thing they had to go on was a note attached to the dog, which read “I am lost and looking for a home — my owner had a stroke and can not care for me. Please do not take me to a shelter. I am a purebred coon hound 6 months old. PLEASE find home.”

The rescue posted photos of the pup on their Facebook page on October 6.

“I want to preface this post by saying all derogatory comments will be removed they don’t serve any purpose to help this dog,” the post read. “We’re asking everyone to share far and wide.”

“Meet “Ghost”….This sweet girl was found wandering alone with this note attached to her collar…..hungry, cold, sad and confused. We want to help her…….and we need YOUR help.”

“We are reaching out to our West Michigan community to help us find “Ghost’s” owner so that we can work together to figure out if there is a way to return her home with some support and assistance, or to give her owner the peace in knowing that we will help find her an incredibly loving and caring new forever home by facilitating a surrender to our organization. We promise to never reveal your name.”

“Please help us spread the word and find “Ghost’s” owner. Any information can be shared anonymously with Luvnpupz by calling/texting 616.293.4528 or messaging the Luvnpupz page. It takes a village…..and we are grateful.”

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Instead of immediately assuming the the owner was trash and inconsiderate, the rescue knew there might be other forces at work here. There are many situations where someone in a toxic relationship is threatened if they don’t get rid of a pet, or someone runs into serious financial problems and doesn’t feel capable of providing for an animal and wants the best for them.

The fact that there was any note at all proves that someone, somewhere, cared for this dog. And the rescue knew that if they could find that person and assist them so they’d be able to continue keeping their coon hound or at least officially surrender her to the rescue’s care, that would be the best option.

So far, no one has stepped forward. Many people have expressed interest in adopting the pup, but the rescue has a 30-day stray hold to get through first.

Hopefully this poor dear with sad eyes will end up in a loving home where she doesn’t have to worry about being turned out onto the streets again. In the meantime, she’s in good hands.

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