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Adorable Video Shows What Puppy Goes Through on First Day of Training To Be Guide Dog


An adorable puppy named Teddy is too cute for words as he completes his first day of training to be a guide dog.

Chances are, you’ve observed the impressive way a guide dog interacts with his or her handler out in public.

The dog’s behavior is impeccable, and the handler’s trust in the guide dog is evident by the casual, comfortable demeanor of both dog and human.

Of course, no dog ends up working in such a highly-skilled capacity by accident.

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Each graduated guide dog is the result of careful training, providing them with the skill set needed to change human lives for the better.

Featured on “Too Cute,” a segment of the popular television channel “Animal Planet,” is a young puppy named Teddy.

Teddy is training to be a guide dog, and on his first day, the training is all about fun.

Do you know someone with a guide dog?

He was first introduced to his first tiny harness. The harness wraps perfectly around Teddy’s little body as he begins to learn what it feels like to try and walk, roll and play while wearing one.

Teddy soaks up the glorious sunshine above and green grass under his feet while pausing to take a rest (or many) here and there.

Guide dog trainers want puppies to feel comfortable wearing a harness from a young age.

Eventually, the harness will become a cue that it’s time to work — but for now, it’s all play.

“At a young age, the dogs are introduced to their harness so it becomes a familiar and fun object,” the Guide Dog Foundation says.

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“About half the dogs that go through the training program become guide dogs. The foundation’s main concern is making sure the dog is happy and ready for their lifelong career.”

Teddy and his peers have a lot to learn, but will still experience an exciting, fun puppyhood at the hands of devoted, loving humans who have the best interest of the dog at heart.

Thanks to these incredibly smart, hardworking dogs, humans living with blindness or disabilities can gain increased independence.

Pups like Teddy will go on to change lives, opening new doors of possibility to eager humans in need.

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