American Retailer Hit with Brutal Backlash After Going Woke: 'I Hope Your Company Tanks'


The popular outdoor apparel company The North Face is trying its hand at customer alienation through a new ad partnership with a drag queen.

Not content with seeing the returns of Bud Light’s decision to go down that road, or with Target’s elevation of gay satanism, The North Face is now asking customers to join a “party” with a man in women’s clothing.

The company’s Instagram page is celebrating a collaboration with a cross-dressing gay man who goes by the nickname Pattie Gonia.

Customers are fuming after the company unveiled a “Summer of Pride” partnership with the flamboyant mustached individual.

The company was also sure to let outgoing customers know the man goes by “(they/she)” pronouns.

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Pattie Gonia does not appear to be wearing any traditional North Face gear in the images and video shared by the company but rather opted for heels and whatever the rest of this company-branded stuff is:


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Just for a better sense of who and what The North Face has attached its brand to, let’s take a look at a few posts from Pattie Gonia’s own Instagram page:

Are you boycotting woke companies?


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The company also enlisted this imbalanced individual for a video ad that teases a multi-city tour in which Pattie Gonia plays the role of a bimbo and pretends to not know what nature is.

“Hi, it’s me Pattie Gonia, a real-life homosexual,” the man said. “Today, I’m here with The North Face. We are here to invite you to COME OUT — in nature with us!”

The ad ends with the dragster saying the company is “coming to a nature near you.”

Commenters on the Instagram post were unrelenting in their vows to take their business elsewhere.

“I love hiking in 6 inch platform heels while ensuring my thong is visible for everyone to see. North Face KNOWS their consumer,” wrote one person.

Another person added, “I am done with North Face. Just canceled all my orders. Will not support them again.”

One (formerly) loyal customer wrote, “Not everything needs to involve identity politics. Outdoor brands seem to be chasing fringe demographics with marketing campaigns rather than focus on exceptional gear development, value over profit, and environmental impact – something that I am far more interested in.”

A seemingly endless stream of commenters indicated they unfollowed the company the moment they saw the ad.

A shocking amount of them were women.

One person succinctly wrote, “I hope your company tanks.”

The comments section of the YouTube video is also filled with baffled people who genuinely just wanted to buy outdoor gear but are now seeking alternatives.

Additionally, The North Face has also unveiled a super gay jacket marketed to kids.

There isn’t much else to say that The North Face’s former customers didn’t.

Sadly, another company chose to mock women by paying a confused person to cosplay as one of them for the apparent goal of alienating customers and being divisive.

Time will tell if the company receives the Bud Light treatment.

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