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Arizona Authorities Warn Parents After Large, Bold Coyote Attacks Two Toddlers During Daylight Hours


Most parents are aware of the general dangers their children might face out in the world, and the home is often a sanctuary where they can let their guard down just a little and be more comfortable in their own space — but that’s not true for some parents in Scottsdale, Arizona, where a large, bold coyote is on the prowl.

On Wednesday, 1.5-year-old Brody McAlister was walking up the driveway to his home as the family returned for the evening when the unwelcome visitor attacked. Surveillance video showed the large coyote stalking and attacking the toddler.

The animal bit Brody on the arm but released him once he started crying. Brody was whisked away immediately, but video showed the coyote stayed around a while, ostensibly waiting to see if it would get another chance.

Brody’s parents were shocked at how quickly it all happened.

“Out of nowhere, a coyote came and basically attacked him,” said Jeff McAlister, Brody’s father, according to LiveNOW from FOX. “Grabbed his arm and took him to the ground, and screams, and we came and, you know, picked him up. And the coyote ran away and actually came back and tried to look for his prey.

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“We took him to Phoenix Children’s, and he did OK,” McAlister said. “He got some rabies shots, and he went to school today, so he’s doing awesome.”

The Saturday before that, just half a mile away, another attack had taken place at a nearby playground. Zeke Miaso, just shy of 2 years old, was attacked by what officials believe to be the same large, bold coyote.

“I turned and looked, and about 20 feet to my right under the monkey bars, was, a coyote was face-to-face with Zeke,” father Curt Miaso said, according to KOLD-TV. “As you can imagine, kind of a pretty quick, frightening, kind of few seconds.

“I remember checking Zeke, at first his hands, his face, you know, didn’t see anything,” Miaso said. “And there I ended up undoing his, his onesie that he was wearing and saw he had some, some claw marks on his stomach.”

Zeke was taken to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, where he received rabies vaccinations as a precaution.

“He’s a tough little guy,” Miaso added. “He’s doing OK.”

With two attacks in such a short time, the Arizona Game & Fish Department is asking for help locating the coyote, which they have stressed is healthy but unafraid, likely due to being fed by people.

“If you’re in #Scottsdale, we need your help!” the Arizona Game & Fish Department posted on Thursday. “AZGFD asks that coyote sightings in the area of 94th Street//Thompson Peak Parkway along the Central Arizona Project canal to Cactus Road be reported ASAP to 623-236-7201 24/7.

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“AZGFD Mesa is looking for a large, healthy coyote that has injured two toddlers in Scottsdale. An incident on Saturday occurred at Aztec Park near Frank Lloyd Wright and 100th Street, yesterday’s subsequent incident occurred at a residence less than 2 miles south of there. Both victims were treated for minor injuries then released.

“The coyote shows little fear of people and may have been illegally fed in the past. Parents of toddlers in the area should keep their children close when outdoors and be vigilant until AZGFD is able to locate and remove the offending coyote. Meanwhile, AZGFD is patrolling the area with assistance from the Scottsdale Police Department.”

Darren Julian with AZGFD warns that many coyotes in the area are becoming bolder and bolder because they see people as a food source.

“It’s that learned behavior when they approach people,” he said, KOLD reported. “And then now that they’re not getting the food source, then they, they nip at people, saying, hey, where’s my, where’s my — I, I’m here; where’s, where’s my reward? Where’s my food?”

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