Biden Deals Blow to US Miners, Looks to Import Materials for Electric Vehicles: Report


The nation’s globalist in chief wants to sacrifice American jobs on the altar of optics once again.

President Joe Biden will outsource the mining of most metals required for the manufacture of electric vehicles to allied nations, Reuters reported Tuesday.

The plan is part of an effort to placate radical environmentalists, whom it is believed would interfere with U.S. mining efforts, the report said.

The news comes as a shock to the American mining community, as the administration previously promised it would support domestic production of the metals required for electric vehicles and solar panels, according to Reuters.

Given that the materials in question are critical to the production of electric cars, solar panels and even fighter jets, one could be forgiven for wondering if Biden has finally lost his marbles.

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Indeed, the move directly contradicts an executive order in September by then-President Donald Trump that required the creation of a domestic supply chain of rare earth metals for the purposes of maintaining national security.

It also closely follows a devastating employment report that revealed the Biden administration added only 26 percent of its anticipated number of jobs in April, and it comes amid fears that Biden’s immense tax increases will further kill jobs.

Given those facts, Biden’s push to have America merely build items from rare metals that it purchases and imports from abroad appears no more than the latest example of the administration’s dedication to fostering global co-dependence at the expense of American workers.

The sad state of affairs is not all that surprising, unfortunately.

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After all, this is the president who told struggling coal miners that they should just “learn how to program.”

This is the president who, according to The Detroit News, told an autoworker in Detroit, “I’m not working for you!” because of a disagreement over his plans to confiscate guns.

This is the president who killed as many as 11,000 jobs by ending construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline and then refused to issue sanctions over Russia’s detrimental Nord Stream 2 Pipeline.

At every turn, Biden has worked tirelessly to lift up foreign nations at the expense of working Americans.

So no, his betrayal of American miners is not a surprise. But it is still a betrayal, and it is still a disgrace.

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For what it’s worth, Biden’s deputy national climate adviser, Ali Zaidi, attempted to push back on the bad press and insisted Biden was still interested in creating jobs.

“President Biden is focused on seizing the electric vehicle (EV) market, sourcing and manufacturing the supply chain here in America, and creating good-paying, union jobs,” Zaidi said, according to Reuters.

“Building American-made EVs and shipping them around the world will include leveraging American-made parts and resources,” he said. “This includes responsibly pursuing, developing, and mining critical minerals and materials used for EV batteries.”

Whether Zaidi’s riposte to the torrent of bad press is a legitimate about-face on policy is unclear. It could just as easily be a mere stalling tactic in anticipation that some new crisis will avert America’s collective gaze.

What is clear is that Democrats, once again, are selling out the American people to global interests.

Once again, the American people will suffer because of the inane influence-peddling of a president too sheepish to stand up for the very workers he swore to serve.

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