Blind Dog Left To Die in Junkyard Until Angel Give Him Second Chance at Life


It’s really hard to understand how someone could abandon and abuse a sweet, innocent animal. That is why people like the volunteers with Hope for Paws and Frosted Faces Foundation are such precious gifts to the world.

One particular rescue that was carried out in October 2017 has recently gone viral. One blind, elderly pit bull’s transformation story is extremely inspiring and will restore your faith in humanity all over again.

Hope for Paws is a nonprofit in the Los Angeles area that rescues abandoned and neglected animals off of the city’s streets. Eldad Hagar, the organization’s founder, has a deep passion to help “the most challenging rescues” regardless of their medical condition.

His rescue videos on YouTube have impacted millions by showing them the horrible conditions some of these animals are found in and the beginning of their transformation story.

They received a call reporting a senior dog, later named Duncan, who had walked into junkyard. An employee graciously left out food and water for the wandering pup, but her employer was threatening to call animal control.

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Two volunteers rushed to the site to rescue Duncan before that could happen.

When they arrived, they found him tied under a little shack. He was covered in dust and his nails were extremely overgrown.

In the video he was obviously scared, but despite his appalling condition Duncan showed his sweet, timid personality. He had not let his past experiences turn into bitterness; there was still hope sparkling in his eyes.

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Once the two volunteers were able to get him into the car, they took him to the vet. He needed immediate medical care.

The YouTube video that shared Duncan’s story said, “Duncan was completely blind and suffering from dehydration, periodontal disease, corneal ulcers, two mass cell tumors, and a skin infection.”

As they washed him up, a completely new dog appeared. His tan and white coat was revealed under all of the dust and dirt and his sparkling eyes shone even more.

Once he was healed, he went to his new foster home through the Frosted Faces Foundation. They find loving homes for senior dogs, or “Frosted Faces,” who would otherwise be difficult to home.

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According to a recent Facebook post on the Frosted Face Foundation’s page, Duncan actually found his perfect in home with the founders of the organization, Andy and Kelly Smíšek.

“Andy and I, the founders of Frosted Faces Foundation, decided to keep Duncan as our own once we he was transferred into our care from Hope For Paws,” Kelly wrote. “He has Sundowners Syndrome and we have gotten him into a fairly good routine.”

He has been getting all of the love he deserves in his new home, even getting real people food like chicken, quinoa, eggs and hamburger patties.

Even though he was recently diagnosed with renal failure and it is difficult to say how much time he has left, it’s hard to ignore just how much progress he had made in just under a year living with a family that loves and cares for him.

“We love Duncan with our whole hearts. He sleeps with us at night in bed on a pee pad, we take him on family outings to the beach, bonfires, patio dinners, and movies in the park. Duncan is the best snuggler and always grateful to be held despite his size.” Kelly continued.

“We are making every day count and we are devoted to Duncan’s happiness.”

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