Breaking: Iranian Group Offers $100,000 to Anyone Who Will Blow Up New US Embassy


Just hours after the opening of the brand new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, Israel has received threats from a hardline Iranian group calling for an attack on the new buidling.

As reported by The Washington Free Beacon, the Iranian Justice Seeker Student Movement has offered $100,000 to any person willing to bomb the new embassy, which was opened on May 14.

“The Student Justice Movement will support anybody who destroys the illegal American embassy in Jerusalem,” the poster stated in Farsi, Arabic, and English.

“There will be a $100,000 dollar prize for the person who destroys the illegal American embassy in Jerusalem.”

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University Student News Network, a Farsi language site in the region, was the first to break the news about the bomb threat.

“The Student Movement for Justice declared, ‘Whoever bombs the embassy’s building will receive a $100,000 award,'” the report states. “It is necessary to mention that the steps by Trump to transfer the US Embassy to Holy Qods [Jerusalem] has led to the anger and hatred of Muslims and liberators throughout the world.'”

However, former Pentagon adviser Michael Rubin told the Free Beacon that such threats of terrorism seem to be rooted in the Iranian regime’s hardline way of thinking.

“Unfortunately, terrorism directed toward diplomats and embassies has become a central pillar of the Islamic Republic’s culture,” Rubin said.

“Terrorism is lionized in Iranian schools. This bounty is more the rule than the exception. To blame Washington or Jerusalem is to blame the victim and give terrorists a veto over U.S. policy.”

The call for an outright attack on the embassy is the latest move in a series of protests that have spanned weeks, as the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has long been disputed by both Palestinian and Iranian officials.

And many, such as research fellow Behnam Ben Talablu, stated that such officials are to blame for the outpouring of hate towards Israel.

“This is nothing short of an invitation to a heinous act of an international terror by a student group that looks up to the world’s foremost state sponsor of terror—the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Talablu said.

The numerous protests outside the city have seen the participation of over 40,000 Palestinians in 13 different locations over the past several Fridays, as groups attempt to breach the border and attack Israeli communities.

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The protests have been a part of the “Great March of Return,” which began March 30 with “Land Day” and marks the expropriation in 1976 of Arab land by Israeli forces.

The six-week campaign ends on May 15 with “Nakba Day,” which remembers the displacement of Palestinians from their homes after Israel earned its statehood.

The ceremony on Monday to open the embassy further fueled the protests, with everything from burning tires to Molotov cocktails being hurled in the direction of Israeli forces.

By Monday, at least 41 protestors had been killed with over 750 injured.

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