Hot Water for Dem Candidate: Leaked Audio Has Him Comparing Police to Dogs


You’d think people would start to catch on: In 2018, everyone has a camera and an audio recorder in their pocket — and that means that the stupid things politicians say are very likely to end up on video.

Nationally-known candidates like Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill have already found that out. As we recently reported, she’s facing hard questions after undercover video appeared to show her shrugging off thousands of her constituents and being more anti-gun than she wants to admit.

Now, another liberal candidate is in hot water for some candid camerawork.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, congressional candidate Scott Wallace seems to have been caught in Pennsylvania making an insulting remark about cops.

“Wallace, who is running in Pennsylvania’s 1st congressional district against Republican representative Brian Fitzpatrick, was captured saying ‘dogs are smarter than police officers’ during a conversation with a constituent at a campaign event,” that outlet reported.

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A woman who asked to remain anonymous told Free Beacon that she was at the event and another person made the opinionated comment that teachers are smarter than police officers, which was part of a discussion about arming school staff to prevent mass shootings.

That’s apparently when Wallace responded with the insulting dog quip. It’s unclear from the clip if it was meant as a joke, but even so it’s pretty un-funny.

The comment is obviously pretty bad, but even worse considering that the Democrat has already faced scrutiny for an alleged shaky stance on law enforcement.

Do you think this audio shows that Wallace holds disdain for cops?

His conservative opponent recently hit him on that issue with a television ad that attacks the liberal as having “given a voice to the convicted cop killer, Mumia Abu -Jamal.”

However, both candidates have been endorsed by numerous law enforcement officials.

When Free Beacon asked Wallace’s campaign to comment, his staff pointed out that the 12-second audio clip doesn’t contain context, and called the release of the clip a “smear.”

“Conveniently, the Washington Free Beacon was unable to provide the full recording – instead relying on twelve seconds of audio from an unidentified time, date and place for their latest smear,” declared Zoë Wilson-Meyer, the communications director for Wallace’s team.

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“This is yet another smear from Fitzpatrick and the conservative propaganda machine as they try to cling to a seat they are in real danger of losing,” Wilson-Meyer went on.

“Scott has a deep respect for our law enforcement and has support from local and national law enforcement, including Bucks County Sheriff Milt Warrell and former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder,” he concluded.

It’s questionable whether Eric “Kick Them” Holder should actually be held up as proud endorsement, and also worth noting that Wallace’s campaign glaringly never denied that the audio was him saying the dog comment.

Here’s a tip for politicians: Any time you’re out in public, just assume you’re being recorded. And maybe think twice before comparing law enforcement officers to animals.

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