Capitalist Party of Norway Eviscerates Viral Pro-Socialist Meme


Norway. It’s probably not a country that you’ve given a lot of thought, unless you have an unusual obsession with fjords and Vikings.

The relatively small Scandinavian country may not be the most well-known place on earth, but it’s been getting a lot of attention after President Trump allegedly referenced it during a closed-door meeting on immigration.

During unconfirmed comments that have now been covered ad nauseum by the mainstream media, Trump apparently wondered why the U.S. couldn’t focus on increasing immigration from fairly safe and secure places like Norway.

His point, of course, was that there are some people who are in a better position to contribute and succeed in a modern economy than others, and that the United States should select the most prepared individuals for immigration.

Trump’s comments aside, liberals seized an opportunity to use Norway to bash America… but their efforts were just brilliantly detailed by a conservative political party on the other side of the Atlantic.

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After the president’s alleged comment made the news, the left wasted no time in creating a “meme” image that tried to compare America to Norway.

The biased graphic was a checklist of socialist fantasies, praising things like “tuition free universities” and “free birth control” as reasons that the small country is far superior to the U.S.

Norway is certainly a nice place, but is it really a leftist utopia? No, as it turns out — and the Capitalist Party of Norway just broke down, piece by piece, exactly why the meme is so wrong.

Would Norway-style policies work in the U.S.?

“What a nice picture of lies,” began the Facebook page, which describes itself as “the classical liberal party of Norway, fighting for capitalism, laissez faire, individual rights and liberty for all.” Hey, we could get on board with that.

“They call it universal health care, but service is rationed and you’re not allowed treatment if the government hasn’t already pre-approved the treatment for your specific illness,” the Capitalist Party’s response explained about the “Universal Health Care” claim.

“No, we don’t get 5 weeks paid vacation. We have the privilege by law to 4 weeks of vacation, and depending on tariffs some can claim a fifth week of vacation, but they’re not paid,” the response continued, taking on the second claim of the socialist-leaning meme.

Then it was time to look at “tuition free universities,” a common far-left selling point that commies — pardon, socialist Democrats like Bernie Sanders have tried to push in America.

“No, universities aren’t tuition free,” responded the Capitalist Party page. “Sure, tuitions are lower, but they’re highly subsidized through taxation, which someone has to pay for.”

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“Students still have to burden themselves with student loans in order to make it through university,” explained the rebuttal. “A typical student loan is around $50,000. Living costs are high because of all the taxes, so the end result is that poor people suffer and students end up with the same student loan burdens.”

But what about the “free birth control” that feminists keep raving about?

“No, there’s no free birth control in Norway, beyond the one instance where youth can receive free condoms within a limited supply, but someone still has to pay for that service,” explained the post.

It must be noted that condoms are incredibly inexpensive — less than a dollar — or sometimes provided free by community groups here in the U.S., while even “the pill” is cheap in America: Places like Wal-Mart offer hormonal birth control for about $9 a month. That’s 30 cents a day.

On to the next sacred cow of liberalism: Gun control. Is Norway better?

“(There is) public gun control, yes, but that certainly didn’t protect us against one of the deadliest terrorist shooters in history,” explained the Capitalist Party. They were referring to the 2011 Norway attack, where a total of 77 were murdered by a lone wolf attacker.

Over a hundred more were wounded.

“Oh, and total tax in average, for a normal worker, is about 60-70 %… To pay for all this ‘free stuff,'” summarized the post.

Everything has trade-offs, and nothing comes for free. Norway seems to work for Norwegians, at least for now — and it’s without a doubt a beautiful place to visit.

However, that’s very different from pretending that everything is perfect. Reality just doesn’t match this “meme’s” claims, and the promise of endless freebies is always a recipe for disaster. 

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