City Gives AR-15 Owners December Deadline To Submit to Rifle Count


It sounds like the beginning of a dystopian horror film: the government telling citizens to line up and have their firearms counted, or face severe disciplinary action.

For residents of Boulder, Colorado, this nightmare scenario is all too real.

In May, the city council voted to ban possession of high-capacity magazines, bump stocks and so-called assault rifles. Residents would be barred from selling these items as well. With the prospect of door-to-door confiscation apparently too much of a hassle, the city decided to grandfather in people who already legally owned the rifles.

There’s only one catch.

To continue legally owning an AR-15 or other assault rifle, gun owners are required to “certify” their gun with the Boulder police. Authorities have declared a Dec. 27 deadline for certifications. After that, any resident owning an assault rifle will be in major legal trouble.

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The Daily Camera reported the punishment can range from a simple fine to imprisonment and destruction of the firearm.

Problems with the law’s implementation are already starting to arise.

Although the police claim they will not be making a database of gun owners, the number of rifles brought forward is being recorded by authorities.

Out of the city’s 100,000-strong population, only 87 have stepped forward to certify their assault rifles. Police admit duplicate certificates exist in their count, so the actual number is even lower than that.

Do you think gun owners should be required to certify their firearms?

CBS News puts gun ownership in Colorado at a little over 34 percent. Assuming the city of Boulder has roughly the same rate as the rest of the state, this means there are still around 34,000 firearms that remain uncertified.

To put this in perspective, the state’s own Army National Guard has only 5,300 uniformed members. Actual enforcement of this law would understandably not go over very well.

Fortunately, our country does not seem to be at the point of outright door-to-door confiscation, no matter how close the left is edging toward it.

Residents are not being left to fend for themselves, thanks to a pro-Second Amendment law group.

The Colorado State Shooting Association, along with support from the NRA’s Institute for Legal Action, has taken aim at the unconstitutional law. The groups are both fighting to protect citizens’ right to protect themselves from both criminals and government tyranny.

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Once the ultimatum date arrives, it’s unclear what steps authorities will take.

With the city’s deadline approaching fast, legal gun owners may be weeks away from becoming unwitting fugitives from the law.

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Jared has written more than 200 articles and assigned hundreds more since he joined The Western Journal in February 2017. He was an infantryman in the Arkansas and Georgia National Guard and is a husband, dad and aspiring farmer.
Jared has written more than 200 articles and assigned hundreds more since he joined The Western Journal in February 2017. He is a husband, dad, and aspiring farmer. He was an infantryman in the Arkansas and Georgia National Guard. If he's not with his wife and son, then he's either shooting guns or working on his motorcycle.
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